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5 Ways to Boost Employee Development at Your Company

Most employers would most likely tell you that they want to retain their best employees. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get them to stay, because the best often seek out new challenges and the opportunity to develop.

By working proactively and offering your employees a belief in the company’s future, you can increase employee retention rates, improve talent acquisition efforts, and provide a great employee experience. But not only that, giving employees the chance for personal development can also increase their general well-being.

In this post, we’ve collected some tips on how to boost employees’ strengths and involve them in continuing to develop together with the business.

Map Out Skills

To take advantage of the knowledge and strengths of your employees in the best way and ensure that they match the company’s needs, you can make a skills inventory. Start by making a competence profile for each employee and collect the results in a competency matrix to get a good overview of the company’s expertise.

This will help you compare the results against the company’s goals and competence needs in the company presentation and role descriptions. It gives you a clear picture of what the strengths are and if there are any competence gaps, as well as where validation and experience stand. They also help you prioritize where you need to replenish knowledge and skills.

Show Appreciation

Show Appreciation

To boost employee development and engagement at your company, you must develop an authentic relationship with your employees and show gratitude for their efforts. There are plenty of ways that you can show your appreciation, but this mainly depends on the business you run and what resources you have at your disposal.

One idea, for example, is to send out gift boxes to your employees. They don’t necessarily have to be the traditional fruit or chocolate baskets. You can instead send a unique wine gift box and demonstrate to your employees not only how much you care about them, but that you’re also willing to go above and beyond to show them.

Employee Interviews

A prerequisite for the company to grow and develop is that the employees do the same. Involve them in planning and setting individual goals that result in the company’s overall goals and vision. Employee interviews are a great way to capture needs, thoughts, and ideas that benefit both them and the company.

Start each year with individual conversations with all of your employees. Put the employee in focus and talk about the situation from different aspects such as tasks, role, group, and well-being. Feel free to use the role description as support and use a template for the conversation to remember to address all important areas and document what you agree on.

Make the employee involved in the company’s overall success by agreeing on clear individual goals for the year. It can be both hard (production, knowledge, etc.) and soft (behaviors, attitudes, etc.) goals. The important thing is that they contribute to the overall goals of your company and that they can be evaluated.

Flexible Work

This point is mostly about personal development but is important in today’s world when flexible work is more or less a prerequisite than a benefit. However, this approach requires a significant dose of trust between employers and employees for it to work optimally.

It gives peace of mind to employees who have the opportunity to influence their working hours, as it can help reduce stress. If you as an employer don’t offer this type of benefit to your employees, consider whether it may be an alternative. Within a few years, it may even be that it is seen more as a matter of course than anything else when wanting to attract new top talent.

Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

The workplace has gone from being the place we go to work to being a place we meet to create added value and results for the business, and a place where we can feel good and develop.

To improve the organizational and social work environment, you need to know how the organization is doing. An employee survey aimed at all employees in the organization can help you do this.

A proper survey provides input data that is valuable to analyze and that is the factual basis for decisions made in the work with the feasibility study, strategy, and program. Some surveys are also suitable as input data for planning zones and workplaces, and also as a basis for change programs and employee activities.

Final Thoughts

Employee development is important for all types of businesses. The abovementioned tips are simple measures that employers can implement to help their employees develop their skills and thrive together with the company.

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