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What is the Difference Between Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs?

The digital age has given birth to many solopreneurs where individuals do not need a team rather, they like to earn and work alone.

People often get confused between these two concepts and they merge the two ideas together.

In a real sense, solopreneurs don’t like to hire someone to do their tasks. They are very independent people who do not require any help or support from anyone to start their business. Most of the time they are a set of creative people who like to have less dependency on anyone.

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Some examples of solopreneur jobs are Freelancers, accountants, virtual assistants, taxpayers, social media managers, graphic designers, and consultants. They need not share their profit with anyone.

From ground level to top-level they work on their own. On the other hand, the most famous entrepreneur provided his opinion that the life of a solopreneur is much easier than an entrepreneur.

Important Point of Difference between the Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs

There are multiple points of difference between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Hence, let’s explore the main point of difference between the two one after the other.  

Solopreneurs are Both Founders and Employees

In the case of entrepreneurs, the founder and the employees are different. But in the case of solopreneurs, the founder and the employee are the same people. Entrepreneurs put pressure on their employees to get the job done on time. They maintain an organizational hierarchy to get the job done.

But, solopreneurs work independently, they are solely responsible for the profit or the losses in the business. This feature of their work style makes them perfect in their profession and the chances of losses are less.

Only in extreme workload situations, do they hire one to two people to handle the responsibility that too for a short span of time.

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The difference on the Basis of Hiring

Entrepreneurs often hire people to get the job done on time. They require a team to expand their business. They have separate departments and managers for that. On the other hand, the solopreneur’s motive is to earn money for themselves.

They are not in a mind distributing their money among others. Solopreneurs develop the market and promote their own brand by themselves.

They have less focus on business expansion rather have more focus to earn lots of money. They are highly self-motivated business people who earn profit for themselves.

Focus on Business

Entrepreneurs like to expand their businesses, and open new branches in different places to ensure multiple earning opportunities. On the other hand, solopreneurs have a single focus on the business.

Solopreneurs offer their services on a single product or niche. They earn profit from a single source and have a stable client database to earn a profit. They don’t have the motive to expand their business like that the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs make decisions depending on the capacity of their team members. The decision-making in the case of solopreneurs is done by a single person.

Building a Business to Scale

Entrepreneurs try to scale up their businesses and make them big organization. Solopreneurs try to make a stable profit from their business. The motive of the entrepreneurs is to create a business empire so that later on they can sell it if required. But in the case of solopreneurs, this process is not applicable. They like to run their business for a lifetime.

Scaling up the business is not their focus; their ultimate objective is to earn a steady return from their business. The dependency is less and the process of operation is faster.

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The difference in Financial Management

With the increase in the size of the company, the financial responsibility also increases. An entrepreneur needs to hire a CA to manage the accounts of the company. The reason is the turnover of the company has increased. They need to get things done on time.

In the case of solopreneurs, the turnover is not so big to maintain the balance sheets with accuracy. The volume of business is small but the amount of profitability is stable to make easy financial calculations for the business.

Hence, solopreneurs enjoy’ more financial stability compared to that entrepreneurs.

Minimal Workplace Requirement

The workplace requirement in the case of solopreneurs is less compared to entrepreneurs. Investments in workplace requirements are more in the case of Entrepreneurs.


Hence, the mentioned points above illustrate some core points of difference between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. If you want to know more about the concepts of the solopreneur and the entrepreneur you can get the details from online sources.

In both forms of business, the ultimate objective is to earn a profit. But the difference lies in the motive and in the ways of doing the work. Dependency is less in the case of solopreneurs compared to that of entrepreneurs.

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