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Why Power BI Should Be Your Go-to Business Intelligence Solution

In recent years, and especially in business industries that heavily rely on different IT solutions, the need for smarter business intelligence management has grown drastically.

Companies of all shapes and sizes need to collect, analyze, filter, and report on relevant industry data, discover emerging and relevant trends, and find creative ways to make their customers happier with this information. It’s not so much about the amount of data at their disposal, but rather the applicability of that data in real life and business.

This is where complex, but simple-to-use solutions like Power BI step in to save the day. Companies heavily rely on AI-driven tools and smart platforms that help them put data in perspective. Power BI is one such tech solution that can be implemented for any industry and business sector.

Made by Microsoft and easy to integrate with a slew of different apps and tools, Power BI is quickly becoming the go-to business intelligence framework for companies of all shapes and sizes. Here’s why you should consider it, too.

Compliance and Security in One Place

Many companies nowadays need to take better care of how they handle, process, and store data, especially sensitive business information and customer-related data. With cloud technology becoming a crucial element in data management, the concern grows even more.

This is where Power BI outpaces other options when it comes to handling your business intelligence. It is designed with built-in security precautions such as data encryption in mind, to prevent any mishap related to your data storage.

Data security combined with relevant legal compliance depending on where and how you manage your data is another factor to consider. So many versatile government requirements regarding data management might put too much strain on your data analysis. With Power BI, you can rest assured that security and compliance come with the territory.

Unparalleled Business Analytics and Reporting

Having access to information goes without saying, but knowing what to do with it is another question entirely. For your business analytics teams, having access to a robust cloud platform like Power BI makes all the difference in how capable your organization is when it comes to implementing the right data processing and analytics methods.

Business Intelligence Solution

Fortunately, Power BI is a user-friendly, intuitive platform that makes it easier for your data analysts and cloud engineers to leverage daily. With regular Power BI certification to ensure your teams have mastered the most up-to-date skills, you give them the capabilities they need to make the most of the platform.

Ongoing training and education are a worthy investment for your business intelligence analysts, but also a valuable step towards maximizing the potential of such a multifaceted tool.

Data Visualization

There are many tools and cloud-based platforms that give you access to vast amounts of raw data, many of them even the means to analyze it. However, few can match Power BI’s inherent toolbox that helps you visually present that data in compelling and relevant reports.

While your expert data analysts might not necessarily need the visualization aspect of the platform, you can rest assured that whenever you’re presenting core business data to investors and partners – they’ll appreciate the visuals. Data visualization puts your key intelligence in perspective for short and long-term growth opportunities, risk management, and turning to cost-effective procedures.

Seamless Cloud Integrations

As a business with multiple digital outlets, you collect data daily from those different channels to understand your customers better, recognize what you could be doing better, and the like. As a comprehensive, flexible tool that it is, Power BI can pool data from a wide array of apps, cloud platforms, and other sources relevant to your brand.

Thanks to impressive cloud innovations within any cloud-based infrastructure, Power BI included, you can connect your relevant data sources with your cloud infrastructure and collect intelligence without hindrance. That way, you avoid and effectively dismantle any data silos you might have originally had in your organization.

Transforming Data into Actionable Ideas

The main difference between pure, raw data and actual business intelligence is that the latter is practical and you’re able to implement it. Power BI, among so many other things, helps your team do just that: transform raw data into actionable insights that you can implement right away.

Its built-in data modelling, analytics, and reporting capabilities enable your business to seamlessly assemble meaningful, goal-driven reports and applicable solutions for your brand.

Wrapping Up

Power BI is one of Microsoft’s most useful, scalable solutions made to work with enterprise-level organizations as well as smaller and medium businesses that want to build up a competitive edge.

From becoming more productive, data-driven, and to eliminating bias and employee errors, your business can find multiple uses for Microsoft’s Power BI, when you have the right people to handle it.

Make sure your teams are equipped to make the most of this versatile cloud platform, and your business will certainly thrive.

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