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How to Make Your Banner Marketing More Effective?

In the world of digital marketing, banner ads are some of the most popular ways to get your message across. Otherwise called display ads

They provide you with the opportunity to grab attention with imagery and a concise message, encouraging the viewer to further explore your offer with a click.

Banner ads are effective since they are targeted, and they are also manageable financially since they are usually priced on a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per a thousand impressions) basis. It is no wonder, thus, that everyone wants a piece of this cake, however, creating a banner ad that will deliver the desired results requires a bit of forethought.

It is undeniable that the online world has changed considerably since its early days. It is getting increasingly more difficult to leverage banner ads to the same degree as once. The internet is already brimming with eye-catching content and people have developed some degree of “immunity” in this sea of ads, so your banner will need to work extra hard to stand out.

In addition, ad blockers are also widely used, so you need to make the most of every view your ad gets to justify the time and effort invested. To take your banner marketing to the next level, consider the following tips:

Start with the Right Dimensions

The first step to the perfect banner ad is getting the basics down. That is, what you need to do is figure out the appropriate size for your banner. This should not be an afterthought; having the exact pixel numbers in mind when designing your ad is important so that you can optimize the layout, the image and text size, and other similar elements.

Google has a table of top-performing standard banner sizes anyone can refer to. Determine what orientation and dimensions would best fit the design you have in mind: a horizontal leaderboard ad has wildly different dimensions than, let’s say, a rectangle ad, and readjusting your design later will be a nuisance.

Make it Irresistible

To grab attention and produce a click, your banner needs to be irresistible. To achieve this, you’ll need to make smart decisions at every step of your design process. Your banner ad needs to be in line with your branding, but at the same time, the visual elements need to communicate the intended message. Choosing the appropriate colours here is paramount.

Bright colours are the most effective at drawing attention, but according to colour psychology, red and orange will not have the same associations, so choose wisely. Additionally, contrasting colours will make it easier to discern CTA buttons, so utilize colours cleverly for the best effect!

Clear and to the Point

When it comes to banner ads, less is truly more. You have quite a limited space at your disposal, so keeping your design simple is recommended. Sometimes, entirely leaving out imagery is the way to go. Instead, focus on a short, simple message that can be read at a glance.

In case your ad will be rotating, prospects won’t have any more than a few seconds to process the information, so focus on the essentials. Besides a vibrant colour for your text, choosing the right font here is ever so important.

Steer clear of cursive and pick something that won’t backfire. A thin border that will prevent your banner from blending into the background and getting overlooked is also recommended.

Go Traditional

While the online world is becoming increasingly relevant, marketers should not forget that the real world is also still out there, providing marketing opportunities as it always has. Digital banners are not the only way to deliver a concise message in an eye-catching way; traditional banners can give you massive exposure if used right, too.

Considering that it seems to be easier for people to process printed information when compared to that which appears on screens, boosting your reach via this traditional means might not be a bad idea.

You just need to consider your target demographic and their habits. If they are more likely to be driving on the streets or strolling shopping centres than browsing the internet, it is clear that traditional banners can be a valuable tool for your business.

Pick the Right Spot

Whether we are talking about digital or traditional banners, placement will play a crucial role in their overall effectiveness. A well-placed banner will be seen by many more people, boosting your chances of gaining conversions. Within a website, different spots will have different results. Generally, you should try to get your ad as close to the main content of the page as possible.

Above the fold is usually the most preferred position. However, for instance, a banner ad in portrait orientation on the side of the screen is much less intrusive. As for traditional banners, options truly abound, but there are also more things to take into account.

You can place pull-up banners in interior spaces or employ fence banners to grab attention outside. Consider the material of your banner well; go for practical mesh banners if the wind is a concern, and be sure the printing is UV-resistant.

Animation with Moderation

Finally, those who want to take full advantage of the opportunities that the digital environment offers can consider adding moving elements to their banner ads. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to things that move, so it is not hard to conclude that an animated banner will be more likely to catch the eye.

However, you should not overdo this. Too much of a good thing will be distractive and annoying and won’t elicit a positive reaction.

Going overboard with animation could also affect the loading time of your ad, which will further hinder its effectiveness.

In short, Local Retractable Banner Stand Printing is an excellent marketing tool that can be used to promote your business effectively, but only when done right. Be sure to keep your design simple, focus on a clear message, and choose the right placement for your banner to make the most out of it.


Whether we’re talking about traditional or digital marketing, there is no doubt that banner ads are an effective option that should not be ignored. To make sure that your banner will bring you the traffic you want, though, keep the aforementioned tips in mind when coming up with the design and deciding on the placement.

Even if you mainly market your business online, supplementing your efforts with physical banners, especially when hosting events, is still a good idea.

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