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How to Improve E-Commerce Business Traffic through Unconventional Ways

It is said that in this time and age, it is easier to start a new business. The World Wide Web has made it easier to reach millions of customers around the globe and expand your reach. If you have invested in CFD stocks, you would understand that well.

Trading has now become easier than ever. However, one thing is for sure, the Internet has become a competitive place. Standing out in the crowd requires some additional effort.

If you are operating an e-commerce business and you are new, it is hard to make customers trust you enough to make a purchase. So how do you bring traffic that turns into leads? Here are some unconventional ways to do that:

Create Interactive Content

One of the most effective ways of improving traffic on your website is to create content. It is even important for a business with an e-commerce website. There should be a blog that talks about your products or services. However, the content should not just be just words. It must be valuable and shareable.

When writing a post, there are some things you must keep in mind. The content must be highly shareable, it should be attention-grabbing and it must drive conversion.

Arrange Competitions and Giveaways

Competitions are one great way of bringing new leads. You will have to use social channels for this purpose. An Instagram giveaway picker has the power to attract more and more visitors to your social media page and then the website. You will be amazed to see what difference word of mouth can make.

Do Keyword Research

Keywords are a cornerstone of an e-commerce store. Do you know what your keywords are? If the answer is no, then everything else you are doing is a waste of time. If you want people to find you or get ranked in the first 5 pages of Google, you need to know what your keywords are.

It is important to rank the words that your customers use to look up for you on the web. The keywords must be specific to your product. Find those keywords and insert them in your content and product descriptions.

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Submit Guest Blogs

Don’t underestimate the importance of guest posting even if you have an e-commerce store. Find bloggers who are relevant to your product or service. Then, write engaging content and use links to your products in those blog posts.

Get them posted on their blogs. Once someone reads those blog posts and shows interest in your product or service, they will click through the link and land on your website. Now it is up to you how you convert that visitor into a customer.

Make the Most of Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide ad platforms that are very useful in getting more traffic to your website. This eventually is a getaway to improve sales, too. If you don’t have any experience with Instagram or Facebook advertising, then hire an expert. It’s a budget-friendly way of driving more traffic to your website.

Buy Misspells of Your Domain

This is an overlooked strategy but it is effective in bringing traffic to your website. Don’t just focus on buying .org or .net domains. Buy misspells of your domain, too. Let’s suppose you have 50 misspells and each of them gets 10 visitors. This will be an opportunity to increase your traffic.

Encourage Your Users to Leave Reviews

You must be wondering how can this bring traffic to my website. In case you didn’t know, 88% of consumers trust online reviews. These reviews impact the purchase decisions of customers.

Lots of such visitors land on your website who want to buy a product but they are not sure about it. If they see customer reviews already, the experience of others will let them know if the product is worth trying. But that’s just one benefit. Customer reviews bring more traffic to your website, too.

And you must have good and positive reviews on your site. Nowadays customers love to mention your brand or product on social media as well if they are extremely happy with this. These social reviews play an important role in your business. If you have favourable reviews then you can embed these on the website with social media aggregator.

Each review is unique and relevant. Since your pages are static, user reviews keep your pages fresh. Search engines love those web pages that have new content. These real reviews help you rank your pages on the search engine and bring more social engagement.

Create Videos about Your Products

Ask yourself how many times you wanted to buy a T-shirt or any other piece of clothing but had no idea what it would look like on you. Perhaps a video will help you sell your product to customers in a better way. When an item is worn by a real person and it’s shown in a custom-made video, users can connect to it on a deeper level.

So how are you going to publish a video about a product on your website? The first thing you have to do is self-host the video on your website. Self-hosting is for those who want their websites to rank for videos. If that is not what you want to do, then you can use YouTube or Vimeo to publish and promote videos related to your products.

If you will be using a third-party service such as the ones mentioned above, this will not affect the load time of your website. Publishing your videos on YouTube is useful because it is the second-largest search engine.

Final Words

This concludes how you can drive more traffic to your e-commerce website. Do not just stick to them, keep on looking for innovative ways. If you stop, the sales will stop too. It is just like a trader online world. The moment you relax, you are hit by the market waves.

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