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Top Plumbing Technology Trends for 2024

Naturally, the more technology is developed, the more new smart tools there are on the plumbing market. Homeowners nowadays, for instance, expect more solutions for remote control and smart systems that prevent leakage.

Moreover, people look for eco-friendly offers from plumbing companies and the latest technologies that combine simplicity and the opportunity to bring entertainment to the routine.

In addition, the majority of homeowners do not want to waste money on high labor costs when calling for a professional plumber, so they look for solutions they can handle with less expenditure.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation this year you will find this article most helpful. We have prepared something unusual for you. Have you ever heard about motion sensing and WiFi technology being used in plumbing? If not, you will be utterly surprised!

In this article, we have collected the most vivid trends of this year, according to the 5 Star Plumbing website, that you should think about when making a bathroom renovation in 2024.

1. Water Guardian Leak Prevention System

The most trivial plumbing problem that may occur when you do not expect it is water leaks. Moreover, there are a lot of places where a potential leakage is possible. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will discover a place of a potential leak and prevent it from happening.

It is not an easy task even for professional plumbers. But, thanks to the constantly developing technologies, there is a solution. We recommend you install the water guardian leak prevention system.

Anthony PHCE’s system will warn you about a potential leak and guide you to a particular place so you will have an opportunity to solve the problem on your own or call a professional plumber. You can find more information about how to find a professional plumber on the 5 Star Plumbing official website. Using this system, you will avoid a flood in your house and a more expensive renovation process.

2. Toilet Seats with LED Lights Installed

Have you ever skipped into a WC in the middle of the night and been blinded by the bright lights that you have had to turn on? Or do you usually decide not to turn them on so as not to wake yourself up? Anyway, you know how inconvenient it is. You will not believe it but manufacturers and designers have thought about these occasions, too.

They have come up with a simple yet brilliant idea. The innovation that we are talking about is a seat with lights installed into it. They are not always turned on. The seat only lights up when sensors detect a person approaching. Nowadays, there is already a wide variety of models and colors to choose from.

3. Outdoor Hydrants With Cold and Hot Water

The next tool we will recommend to you might seem obvious. However, until recently it was not available. It was one of the Kansas City-based companies that produced outdoor hydrants that combine hot and cold water. Thus, now it has become possible to use both hot and cold water not only inside but also outside of the household.

Sure enough,  you will need warm water for some outdoor activities or for purposes connected to gardening. Now, how do these new outdoor hydrants work? All you need to do is turn the knob and adjust the temperature. Nothing special, right? Another advantage of these outdoor hydrants is that they are frost-free so you do not have to worry about potential freezing of the pipes and leakage anymore.

4. Bluetooth Speakers for Your Shower

Do you like listening to your favorite music and singing along while taking a shower? Do you have to bring a speaker or a cell phone and leave it outside of your shower every time? We have a perfect idea of how to improve the experience even more.

You can listen to your favorite hits through a showerhead that already has a speaker installed. The speaker works via Bluetooth technology so you can play anything you like whether it is a song or a news broadcast. You can also remove the speakers and take them to your tub when you are in the mood for a long relaxing evening.

5. WiFi Sump Pump

It is extremely important to control the primary and backup pump status. However, it is usually the thing that everyone forgets about since it is hardly possible to call a plumber every month or even more often to check the status. Nowadays, it has become much easier. You can access all the data connected to the water and battery level from an app installed on your phone or tablet.

You do not even need to change your current sump pit. It is possible to install a WiFi sump pump and a battery backup sump pump on it. Most importantly, you will receive all updates even if your WiFi router stops working or there are some problems with electricity in the house.

6. Tankless Water Heaters

More and more people are concerned about environmental problems. If you want to save energy and water the next recommendation will be for you! We highly recommend installing a tankless water heater. Apart from energy and water it also saves space in your house. Homeowners who have a big family and need hot water in multiple bathrooms at the same time or those with a soaking tub need to try this tankless water heater.

Compared to the usual water heaters, a tankless water heater lasts twice as long. Moreover, when you install a new technology like a tankless water heater in your house you will increase its value immediately.

7. Smart Toilets With Remote Control

You should also consider buying a smart toilet that can be controlled by WiFi and with the help of the voice activation option. Smart toilets have become extremely popular in recent years. While some people think that they are useless, smart toilets actually have a lot of utility functions to offer. You may ask: for what purpose would a person need to control a toilet from their smartphone?

In fact, some features like automatic seat closing, hands-free flushing, and UV sanitation make the process of using the toilet safe. But smart toilets have some entertaining features, too. You can use your smartphone to make a seat warmer, turn on the lights, and choose the colors, and adjust the water temperature.

8. Filtration System

A whole-home filtration system is an essential thing to consider in 2024 if you still do not have it in your house. It is crucial to drink water without any harmful chemicals in it and take a shower in clean water, as well.

In addition, a good filtration system is also beneficial for your pipes since they will stay clean longer and you will avoid dangerous clogs. To get the best result we recommend installing a system that combines softening and filtration of the water.

9. No-Frost Outdoor Hydrants

We have already covered brand-new outdoor hydrants that provide both cold and hot water. Another solution to avoid frozen and broken pipes, as well as flooding, is to install a quarter-turn outdoor hydrant. They are just as convenient as cold and hot water hydrants.

These quarter-turn outdoor hydrants are also convenient to use. For instance, the turning radius was reduced to increase the comfort of using it.

10. Touch-Free Faucets in Your Home

Nobody is surprised to see touch-free faucets in shopping malls or airports. But have you ever thought about installing one in your own bathroom? Plumbing shops have a wide variety of domestic versions of touch-free faucets. What are the pros of these faucets?

First of all, they are sanitary and safe. Secondly, you do not have to clean them as often as regular ones. You can find faucets that are activated by motion or voice sensors. As to the cons, well, they are not even worth mentioning, if any.

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