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12 Easy Money-Making Tips for Teenagers

As a teen, you would definitely be needing a lot of money. As a matter of fact, teens are the best time when you can enjoy life because once you grow a little older, you would begin working.

However, it’s not always easy for teenagers to get hold of extra money.

Sometimes, parents cannot afford to give more money or you could have a lot of needs and wants that require lots of money. Therefore, the best way that you as a teenager can get some money is by earning some yourself.

This might bring a question to your mind: how do I make extra money as a teenager? If that’s the case, don’t worry. In this article, I’ll be writing about 12 easy money-making tips for teenagers.

Best 12 Money-Making Tips for Teenagers

Before proceeding further with my tips, here’s something you should know. America has strict laws for teenagers to work. In most cases, an employer has to get special permits if they’re hiring a teenager below the working age of 16 years. And then there’s also the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which your employer has to comply with.

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss the 12 best tips for teenagers to make money in compliance with existing laws.


Blogging is the best way for every teenager to make money. There’re no age limits to becoming a blogger. All you require is excellent writing skills and a nose for research into your favorite topics to write interesting, engaging, and relevant articles.

You make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, accepting sponsored blog posts, and selling ad space on your blog site. You can open a free blog. But I would advise you to buy your own domain name, hosting, and other essentials which cost only $9.99 per year to open a website for blogging.


Generally, YouTube doesn’t allow persons under the age of 13 to open a free channel due to their data storage policies. However, if you’re above 13, simply open a video channel on YouTube using your Google account. Create amazing videos that people would love to watch and share with others.

You can use a simple camera such as the one on your smartphone to make these videos and download free video editing software to give the finishing touches. You can make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other ways from your YouTube channel as a vlogger.

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Gigwalk is an app that helps you find handyperson services in any area. Download the Gigwalk app and register. Keep the location services of your mobile phone switched on. That way, Gigwalk will display simple handyperson tasks near your location. If you’re interested in taking that work, all you need to do is accept the task and proceed to the place.

The buyer of your services will pay Gigwalk which in turn pays you. You can get paid twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the work you complete successfully.


Maybe you’re aware that Postmates is a food delivery service. If you’re above 16 and have a valid driving license and own a vehicle, you can start delivering takeaway food parcels to hungry customers. Postmates pays you about $12 per hour and more if the delivery location is distant.

However, you can also get a lot of tips from happy customers. You’ll have to download the Postmates app and register yourself. Once your application is successful, you could start delivery of food for Postmates.

Sell Photos

A lot of teenagers are unaware of the fact that they could make a lot of money by selling photos online. As a matter of fact, there’re several stock photo online platforms such as Adobe Photos, 123RF, and Shutterstock among others where you could register for free and start selling photos.

Generally, excellent photos of nature, celebrities and people, monuments, and natural or unnatural phenomena sell fast on these platforms. You can simply use the camera on your smartphone to take excellent photos.

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Voice Over Artist

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to working as a voice-over artist. If you’ve ever wondered who gives the voices to cartoons or other characters in animated movies, it’s done by voice-over artists. You can find several websites which welcome aspiring voice-over artists.

You’ll have to register on these websites and upload short samples of your voice in different ways such as happy, angry, jovial, and serious. Movie and documentary producers who like your voice will hire you for giving your voice to their characters. This work pays well too.

Online Surveys

There’re several good market survey companies such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and, among others where you can join for free and become part of their online paid survey communities. They reward you with points.

And you can redeem these points for cash through PayPal when you have a certain number of minimum points for a payout. Or you can also get free shopping coupons for the online store such as Walmart and Amazon, among others.

Online surveys won’t make you a rich teenager. However, you can earn some money for your side expenses by completing paid online surveys. You can make at least $600 per month if you work 20-30 minutes a day and work for several websites.


If you love pets, then Rover is just the app for you. It gives you the simple task of walking pet dogs in or around the place you live. In fact, Rover pays you per pet. That means you make money for every canine that you walk.

Generally, seniors and busy persons that don’t have time to take their canines for a walk once or twice daily utilize the services of Rover. You can make a lot of money as a teenager walking pets during your spare time.


SitterCity is a website for those who love babies. Yes, it’s a place where parents go to find good babysitters for their kids. Therefore, if you enjoy playing with babies and toddlers and feeding them, apply to SitterCity as a babysitter. You get paid by the hour.

And the payment is fairly good because SitterCity doesn’t charge you. Instead, it takes money from the parents that want your services while you get to keep your full earnings.

Online Proofreading

Should you have excellent command over the English language, have excellent grammar and punctuation skills, try working part-time as an online proofreader. As a matter of fact, working as an online proofreader can also help you become a full-time proofreader and make a superb career in this profession.

There’re several websites that welcome freshers to work as online proofreaders. And your level goes up as you gain experience, which translates as more earnings.

Amazon Flex

And if you’re 18 years old or more, you could work as a delivery agent for the single largest online retailer in the world, Amazon. Actually, Amazon has a program called Amazon Flex. It allows ordinary people with vehicles to deliver packages to Amazon customers. You get $25 per hour working with Amazon Flex.

To join, download the Amazon Flex app and register. Once your registration is successful, the app will display delivery slots. You can select any delivery slot of four hours and do the deliveries to customers. Generally, you’ll need a vehicle for such deliveries.

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TaskRabbit is a website and app where you can find a lot of microtasks. These micro-tasks include proofreading short sentences or paragraphs, editing, testing an app or giving captions to images, and detecting and deleting duplicate or incorrect pictures.

For every task you complete, you get some money. A task might be worth a few cents or even as high as $5, depending on the nature of the work.

In Conclusion

You could use one or more of these easy ways as a teenager to make money. Thousands of teenagers across America are making money in these ways and you could also become one among them. All these ways to make money are legit. Hence, you can use them safely.


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