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Everything About Ascending & Descending Triangle Pattern

Are you interested in online trading to earn extra income? If yes, you must have an awareness of all the basic trending rules of online trading.

Also, you need to have good knowledge of trending online trading platforms or websites, which are safe to invest in. Nowadays, many online traders do follow the methodologies of different trading patterns, which help them to make the right prediction of trading rates that will rise or fall with time.

Thus, it makes sense for investors to know how to use patterns and acknowledge their signals for predicting future aspects of the trading industry.

There are various types of trading patterns that are useful for traders to maximize their investments. The latest trend is about ascending and descending triangle patterns. These are two famous trading patterns that are followed by many traders around the world.

Both trading patterns are useful to make the right predictions for the previous and future trading industry that will enable investors to earn a profit from their investments. But, the traders need to be smart enough to catch up or understand the ascending and descending triangle patterns right for good prediction. Before you process this blog, let us know first what is ascending triangle and descending triangle patterns are.

1. What is the Ascending Triangle Pattern?

It is a chart pattern, which helps you make a technical analysis of the continuation of the uptrend. This pattern creates or indicates the price move through a horizontal line that draws along the swing highs and lows that indicate higher and lower price rates. When two lines cross over each other, it creates a triangle form.

  • The ascending triangle pattern depicts the breakout point which creates when the market price crosses the upper horizontal line with rising volume. In this pattern chart, the upper trend line must be horizontal to indicate the right highs and lows for creating the right resistance level.
  • This ascending triangle is a bullish formation. It signifies the strength of bulls that can help you maximize your investment in stocks.
  • In this pattern, the higher lows depict the buying pressure has increased. Also, it verifies the resistance level that should be controlled manner. Otherwise, it will not allow the price of the security to raise more.

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2. What is the Descending Triangle Pattern?

The descending triangle pattern is another useful chart pattern that helps you make a technical analysis of marketing price rates to move highs and lows with time. This pattern creates when one trend line has a series of lower highs and a second horizontal line joins the series of lows.

  • The descending triangle grows downward and creates a slopping triangle along with a slope of lower highs.
  • The slope of lower highs in descending triangle depicts the selling pressure of the uptrend.
  • This pattern shows the lower trend of the market when lower highs are developed and flows the support line.
  • Descending the triangle pattern is a bearish chart pattern. You can trade with descending patterns by placing a sell-stop order below the support line.
  • This pattern will not allow the securities to move more downward and help traders, not to lose in the game.

Thus, the above are standard chart patterns in the trading industry that will help traders to acknowledge the uptrend or market prices moving upward and lower with time. If you do not know how to use such patterns for making investments in the trading domain, you may take the help of experienced brokers or pattern consultants in the industry. The professionals will make you clear the ascending and descending triangle pattern lines in the chart and predict whether the trending pattern will go the same or not.

How to Trade with Ascending and Descending Triangle Patterns?

Before you conclude market price rates to move upward or downward, you should consider some significant factors of ascending and descending triangle patterns as follows:

Ascending Triangle Pattern Factors:

  • In ascending pattern, you need to ensure that the prior trend should be moving upward.
  • Make sure, the horizontal line depicts a resistance level and its prices should be higher lows.
  • In this continuation pattern, prices should continue to move upward and meet the breakout from the resistance level.

Descending Triangle Pattern Factors:

  • In descending chart pattern, the initial trend should be downward.
  • Here, the horizontal line will provide a support level and prices should be making lower highs.
  • In this chart pattern, the continuation of the price should move down after the breakout from the support level.

By following all the above factors, you can predict well in the trading domain and ensure that your investments are going to double or in a loss. Hence, you need to do regular practice to understand the signs of ascending and descending triangle patterns and formations of the triangle to trade well.

For more help, you can consult the leading trading brokers online. You will find many online trading brokers in Singapore, which can consult you well to invest in the trading industry and find the right trading platforms to invest in.

Also, they will assist you in understanding the uptrend and downtrend of the market using ascending triangle and descending triangle chart patterns. Also, they can help you know other trending patterns in the industry which are applicable in the trading domain to check the previous and present trends to compare for investments.


By exploring the ascending triangle and descending triangle patterns, you will come to know how the trading patterns can help you in betting well in the trading industry and maximize your investments at the right time.

Also, you need to consider the right factors of both chart patterns and follow them to make the right predictions.

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