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The Best Jewellery to Wear with Winter Wardrobe

Cold weather means a lack of exposed skin and bulky layers. Add a hat, gloves, and scarf, and embracing jewellery can seem a little unrealistic.

That said, it never means that things are out of the equation. Instead, it is the type and choice of jewellery that’s the key.

If you’re looking to get familiar with what type of jewellery will be in trend this winter season or you would like to know about the best jewellery ideas for this winter season, we are here to guide you with the latest winter styles and trends.

Stackable Signet Rings

Rings are timeless classics and stackable signet rings are all for a trendy mix along with a convenient twist too. If you want to add a feminine touch, you can try out delicate stackable signet rings that peek out from the comfy, extra-long sleeves of sweaters.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings look amazing at any time of the year, but they’re a particularly good choice for the winter months of the year. This is simply because pearl earrings tend to mimic the beautiful sparkle of snow and look stunning when paired with thick and large jumpers along with other wintery garments.

Layered Necklaces

Longer and layered necklaces over beautiful wintery tops could prove to be a wonderful choice, especially if you have a stunning pendant on the end. You can even try out a layered necklace with a turtle-neck jumper.

Stud Earrings

You are all bundled up in a scarf, hat, gloves, and coat when the weather is truly cold. This means that your wrist, fingers, and neck are all obscured from view. No matter how stunning your coat is, it is important for you to accessorise your favourite jewellery to make your outfit stand out.

The best way to do that is with stud earrings. After all, your ears are still visible when you are literally wrapped up in winter clothing.

Stud earrings could be the best choice if you are wearing a scarf. Alternatively, you may try out earrings that drop or dangle if you are not wearing a scarf. For this, you can choose pearl earrings that add the perfect amount of elegance to your winter outfits.

Black Jewellery

The colour black is timeless and an amazing choice if you want to make it stand out. Black jewellery complements colourful outfits but can even go well with many neutral colours as well. It goes particularly well with charcoal, tan, red, or ivory; black jewellery also pairs well with other metal colours.


If you are planning to happily surprise all your friends, family members, and colleagues this winter season by wearing a big, flashy piece of jewellery, a vintage brooch will perfectly add a little bit of much-needed spark to your bulky winter outfit.

Brooches can also be a great layer of elegance to an otherwise plain pashmina, steampunk outfit, Goth, or your coat’s lapel. On the other hand, Victorian cameo brooches could be an amazing addition to your gothic look. Remember, brooches are no longer just for the sweater collection of your grandma anymore!

Wrapped Bracelets

Wrapped bracelets are beautiful jewellery pieces when it comes to an eye-grabbing stacking effect with one easy piece. However, it is important for you not to crowd-wrapped bracelets with more bracelets. For instance, you may stick with silver in your earrings and necklace too if you want to embrace a silver wrap bracelet.

Choker Necklace Sets and Large Statement Pieces

Unarguably, choker necklace sets and large statement pieces are always on the list of everyone when it comes to jewellery for the winter season as they can be worn comfortably with sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, and jeans. You can even try out classic necklace pieces with matching earrings to flaunt your style with precision, especially at family functions, gatherings, or holiday parties.

Solitaire Pendants

Solitaire pendants will never disappoint you as they never go out of style. The sophistication and elegance of solitaire pendants, especially during the winter months, is ideal for all your formal holiday gatherings. You can pair these pendants with a great simple sweater that requires an extra bit of style.

Rose Gold Jewellery

The delicate pink hue of Rose Gold jewellery goes amazingly well with so many colours (black, navy, ivory, and charcoal) we love in winter. However, do make sure not to pair the jewellery with shades of tan or red as it’ll lose the effect then.

The point is to embrace Rose Gold Jewellery as an accent and not a compliment as that will add a mesmerising touch of sophisticated and elegant colours to a classic and simple outfit.

Hair Pins

If you have been viewing the Fall/Winter fashion shows, you will find out numerous brands are sending stunning hairpin-wearing models down the runway. Undoubtedly, this means only one thing: hairpins are hot this winter.

Best paired with sweaters, you can also pair them well with coats, but do make it a point to let them shine. Don’t wear them against embellished outfits or busy prints.

Interestingly, while colours like yellow, orange and bright pink may rule the summer months, the snowy season is predominantly well-spent with deep and rich reds, purples, and blues. Break out your dark plums, scarlets, and cobalt and add stunning colour flashes while you stunningly romp through the snow this winter.

The wintery season doesn’t mean you should ever ignore your jewellery box. The most important point is to ensure you complement your winter outfits with stunning pieces of jewellery.

You should emphasise jewellery pieces that you can actually notice even between all those big layers of clothes. Remember, it can be a stackable signet ring or a piece of boho-chic natural stone jewellery.

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