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Is International Travel Insurance Worth Buying in 2024?

Most professional travel agents and seasoned travellers will recommend you buy the best travel insurance for international travel. However, do you need a travel policy when going abroad? Why is travel insurance important?

As one might know, international travel and its preparations can be daunting at times. People make a travel savings plan, start packing months in advance, and remain stressed on their trip because they do not think insurance is important.

Let us understand why international travel insurance is worth buying in 2024!

Importance of Travel Insurance International in 2024

In the current times, when international trips are becoming expensive by the day, insurance makes a lot of difference, be it single-trip or multi-trip travel insurance. Following is the list of times when you need the insurance and its financial assistance:

  • Medical emergency during the trip
  • Injury due to an accident in foreign lands
  • Injuries or material damage to third parties
  • Trip cancellation or delay
  • Loss of essentials like baggage and passport

In the above-mentioned scenarios, you would need international travel insurance to protect your financial situation and enjoy mental peace.

International Travel Insurance Coverage

In the present times, if you buy international travel insurance online, you will find the following features and benefits in most of the policies:

1. Medical Cover

Emergency medical coverage is the primary reason most tourists opt for international travel insurance. Your international policy will offer financial coverage for emergency medical needs, such as accidents, dental treatment, injuries, or deteriorating health conditions. Medical evacuation, hospitalisation, transport, and treatment are covered according to the policy’s clauses.

2. Trip Cancellation

Trip interruption and cancellation are often involuntary. Your trip might be cancelled due to a grave family emergency or unfavourable weather conditions. Your travel policy compensates you to a limit for the expenses you incur due to these cancellations.

3. Trip Delays

Flight delays or sudden emergencies can change your plans and can lead to additional expenses. If your booking is cancelled or postponed, you might incur some expenses. The excess expenses for hotels, meals, connecting flights, and travel may be covered by the travel policy.

4. Baggage Loss or Delay

Loss of checked-in baggage is a common incident during international trips. International tourists suffer a lot in such a situation since they have to manage everything with their own money. Even in cases of baggage delay due to airport miscommunication, the tourists face financial losses. The travel policy offers coverage in such situations.

5. Personal Liability

Travel policies also offer coverage for personal liabilities. If, by accident, you damage some property or asset of a third party or cause them injuries, the policy can fill in for the financial loss.

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International Travel Insurance Exclusions

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Self-inflicted injury
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Loss of passport if left unattended
  • Mental disorder
  • War or nuclear threat in your destination country

The above list sums up the exclusions of pretty much every international travel insurance.


In this digitally connected world, when countries are more accessible than ever, international travel is feasible and easy. However, it can quickly become out of your control and budget.

While your decision to buy international travel insurance depends on the kind of security you want to have on your trip, it is advisable to secure your trip with an international travel insurance plan with sufficient coverage.

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