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Steps to Build an Automated Forex Trading System

A forex trading system is defined as a mode of trading forex that is used after doing a thorough analysis of the forex markets. This analysis helps a forex trader make a decision on what currency pair to trade with.

These systems can be manually interpreted but more often forex traders use automated systems that base their trading on a computer code.

Automated systems take out an open auto trader’s emotion so that he or she can efficiently execute forex trades. These systems monitor the forex markets 24/7, execute trades, and look out for opportunities in favour of a forex trader.

5 Steps to Build an Automated Forex Trading System

For open auto traders to excel in the automated forex trading system, they must follow all the steps required in the system. This article will highlight five steps to building an automated forex trading system.

Creating a Trading Plan

Setting a plan is generally important for people to accomplish whatever they set to do in their day-to-day activities. A forex trader who wants to trade through an automated forex trading system should also create a trading plan. Properly planned out trading activities will help a forex trader define his or her aims and the automated trading system will help them achieve in the trading game.

A trading plan also comes in handy in helping a forex trader determine which market(s) they want their automated trading system to trade in and at what times the forex trader wants it to operate. Besides, a trading plan will enable an open auto trader to determine how much risk he or she is to put in the trading game and what rewards the risks are likely to bring in.

Last but not least a trading game assists a forex trader in determining what forex trading strategy is best to go within the forex trading game.

Design Your System

The next step after a forex trader decides what their automated trading system of choice will do is to figure out how to achieve that. It is for this reason, that a forex trader considers how their automated trading system will identify trading opportunities and how to use them when they are found.

Trading opportunities can help forex traders place trades on their behalf or send them alerts that they need to trade for them to do them at the right time.

Choose Risk Management Tools

In the forex trading game, risk-taking is part of the game and it is hence important that a forex trader decides the risk management tools to use while trading. The best advice given to forex traders is to ensure that they choose their risks wisely as a forex trader can either win or lose. It is hence always best that a forex trader risks less to avoid bigger losses in the eventuality that a loss pops in.

Build Your Automated Forex Trading System

As mentioned in the beginning, an automated trading system is based on a computer code that helps take out the emotion and helps a trader efficiently execute trades. The next step after a forex trader designs their automated forex trading system on paper is to now convert it to a computer code.

Forex traders should be able to design their system according to the trading platform they choose to do their trading in.

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Backtest and Refine Your Automated Forex Trading System

Backtesting assists forex traders in seeing how the automated trading system will work before they do an actual trade. Backtesting is great as it gives a trader an idea of how the system works but on the other hand, has limitations as the results a trader achieved in the backtest may not be reciprocated in the real trading game.

In cases where the backtesting shows something is wrong, that would give a forex trader a chance to refine their automated forex trading system before they jump into the real trading game.


This article discussed five steps to building an automated forex trading system. The five steps are creating a trading plan, designing your system, choosing risk management tools, building your automated forex trading system, and backtesting and refining your automated forex trading system.

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