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The 10 Best ESS Applications to Build an Engaged Workforce

Traditionally employees have to wait for a long time in search of their managers to complete their work.

Even for the basic tasks like attendance, updates in their details, or salary slips, they have to contact the HR managers.

Is it a feasible job to do in this digitally growing era? Surely not. Also, it works as a significant source of distraction for the employees as it consumes their most valuable time.

These issues are solved today with the ESS (Employee Self-Service) application development. It acts as a perfect supporter for your organization’s workforce as they can get the required information in just a couple of minutes.

Companies give many incentives to employees, but without fulfilling their basic needs, incentives can not make them happy. Also, they can update and add the necessary details from the ESS application itself.

By focussing on its usefulness, many firms have developed this tool for forming a technologically equipped workplace where every employee works effectively. This article will give details about the top 10 ESS applications to help you find the best one for your organization.

Top ESS Applications for Your Business

Having an ESS portal in your company will make the work easier and faster for both the employees and the HR professionals. They do not have to look for the basic activities as the application manages all those tasks. Also, employees can undertake all their major tasks using it. The figure below shows the use of the ESS portal by the number of employees.

ESS Applications for Your Business
Image Source: softwareadvice.com

But now it’s time to increase the usability of such applications in every type and size of the company as it will bring more efficiency in completing the work at a fast rate. To get a better idea about its usefulness in your business, let’s get details about the top ten applications by referring to the following points.


OfficeKit is one of the top HR software in India. Starting from managing the recruitment process to the exit management of the employees, every aspect is handled by this tool. In addition to this, to make the work of the employees more facile and faster, it provides an ESS application.

Using this tool, workers can undertake many of their tasks in a couple of minutes. It includes managing their profile, applying for leave, performing attendance regularization, checking their salary details, and managing their travel plans. One single solution for achieving all these tasks will help employees complete their work from a single place.


FreshTeam’s ESS portal helps reduce the dependency on HR managers and gives control in the hands of workers to manage their work using the tool. By using it, workers can upload, edit, and manage their information independently.

The managers can easily set up the fields and provide access to only the required fields to the workforce. Also, they can get the details of the particular employees with the help of the search bar available in the tool. By typing any information related to them, you can find all the data in just a few seconds. A mobile application is provided as well, which allows employees to get the needed data on the go.


To make a more transparent working culture, factoHR provides an employee self-service (ESS) portal using which workers can upload and access the needed information. This makes them more engaged with the entire company and its working practices.

In addition to helping the workforce complete their work, the application undertakes mood analysis to know how they feel. Such a survey makes the working environment more interactive. Also, managers can customize this process to add, remove, or update multiple moods and the reasons to be added by the employees for it.

With this application, HR can directly share important announcements in just one click with their employees. Other leading features of this portal are online punching, birthday and work anniversary wishes, payslip details, application for leave, travel, and expense submission.

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Apspayroll provides an ESS application that is accessible to both employers and employees from any device to complete their tasks on time and from any location. This online self-service system works as a time-saving approach for the workers as the tool allows them to complete many tasks using it.

Using this tool, the workforce can get any information related to their salaries, benefits, important documents, attendance, and leave balance. They can directly apply for leave and can view its update using the portal. Also, HR professionals do not need to worry about sharing important information with their staff as they can rightly do so using the newsfeed feature of this tool.


The next top ESS application is BizMerlinHR. This tool is effectively helpful to HR managers as it greatly relieves them from administrative tasks. With the customization functionality of this application, you can easily organize various sections and fields to keep employees’ records properly. This feature makes its usability more worthwhile as you can set the visibility, editing, and approval stage based on the custom fields.

The workforce can help themselves view their personal information, check their salary details, attendance, and many more. This makes tracking employees’ absence more straightaway and effortless for the personnel department.


Empxtrack’s ESS application is a complete solution for both the HR managers and the employees. Its 1-click feature allows the workers to manage their details on their own using the portal. This paperless tool brings more efficiency to the overall working environment by reducing the workload of both HR and employees.

This ESS tool focuses on the internal collaboration of the whole team by allowing the employees to remain digitally connected. Using social feeds, they can send wishes to their coworkers on their birthdays and anniversaries and receive important announcements. In addition, its easy-to-use online calendar remains helpful in arranging meetings by taking note of the worker’s schedules. All these features together make the job of the whole company faster and more transparent.


Paycom’s ESS application gives 24/7 access to the staff members to manage their data related to HR and payroll. This tool provides a direct platform to the employees where they can ask questions and find relevant answers with the help of the ‘Ask Here’ feature with faster response time.

With the help of this portal, the workforce can get all the details related to their current and past pay stubs. It acts as a complete solution that handles tasks like performance reviews, travel expenses, benefits, and PTOs. You can undertake all this work from a single dashboard, which acts as a perfect source to streamline all the tasks.


Next on the list of top employee service applications is CEIPAL. Here the workers are given the charge to manage their tasks independently using the tool.  They can directly submit their request for time off and expense reports and set reminders to get approved by the respective authorities. They are allowed to track the whole process from the beginning till the end with the help of this self-service application.

The HR managers can directly broadcast the necessary information to all their workers using this application. Also, it focuses on making the employee experience better by permitting them to share their feedback to solve the issues they face at a fast rate. To bring more ease to their work, CEIPAL provides a mobile application that allows them to handle their work on the go.

HR Partner

HR partner’s ESS application helps to empower the workforce to undertake the common and recurring processes on their own. The workers can add and update their personal information, contact details, and address using it. Also, it allows them to put their short biography in it so that other workers better know each other.

This application allows the HR department to put necessary resources in it to remain accessible to all employees whenever they require it. One additional feature of this tool is that the workers can share important documents via the employee pinboard feature. Leave requests and approval gets streamlined using this self-service tool as the whole process is manageable using the portal.


Last but not least in the list of top employee self-service applications is Paylocity. From small firms to large ones, every type and size of company can use this tool. It allows the workers to access the required information through the portal 24/7 and in a secure manner.

It will be helpful to keep the employees connected. Moreover, Paylocity offers a mobile app using which the employees can do much more than viewing and updating their attendance, salary slips, and time off.

It includes accessibility to the benefits, training details, and on-demand payment to the workers even while they are on the go. This makes the work faster, making the workplace more communicative so that all the workers remain connected from any location.

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Employee self-service applications are web-based tools that make the job of both the employees and the employers much more simplified and speedy. Such tools bring more effectiveness and efficiency to the overall working environment.

This works as a source of self-dependency for the workers to undertake the primary tasks on their own. Using it, the employees can get the required information by just logging in to the portal, which helps keep them engaged with the entire working practice.

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