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G2 License in Canada: Highway Restrictions

The Canadian government issues three types of driver’s licenses: G1, G2, and G. Among the three, the G category driver’s license is a full and unrestricted driver’s license, whereas G1 is the first stage of getting the full G category license. G2 is thus the intermediate step between qualifying as an expert driver from an amateur one. 

The usual waiting period for taking the G2 license test is one year. However, if you qualify for a driver’s education course, then it is possible to take the test within eight months. The course has to be a government-approved one. This is the structure of the graduated licensing process in Canada. 

If you’ve recently earned your G2, you may be wondering, “Can you drive alone on the highway with a G2?”.

However, irrespective of the category of license holder you are, it is imperative to have proper car insurance. If you’re shopping for car insurance, be sure to work with a reputable brokerage.

How to Get a G2 License in Canada

Before we dive into the highway restrictions for a G2 driver’s license in Canada, let us take a look at the process of getting yourself a G2 driver’s license in Canada. G2 driver’s license procurement is different than that of G1 driver’s license as there is a road test involved in the process. However, with proper practice, you can pass the road test and get a G2 license quite easily. 

The following is the step-by-step method involved in the process:

  • Before applying for a G2 driver’s license, make sure you have practised enough for the road test. Keep in mind that a slight mistake will delay the process further. Thus, practice as much as possible and be ready for the road test. Practice is the only way to go from a  beginner driver to an experienced one.
  • Keep in mind that whenever you are practising on the road with a G1 driver’s license, you have to be accompanied by a fully licensed driver. The driver must have a G driver’s license that is functional for a minimum of 4 years.
  • Once you are ready and the waiting period is over, you need to book the test. It is possible to schedule the test online at a time and date that is convenient for you. If you have enrolled in a course for driver training, the instructor will do the needful for you.
  • You have to take the test on the scheduled date and time. Usually, a 20-minute road test is given that will assess your driving. A driver’s main skills are tested, including starting the car, stopping the car, turning the car, parking the car, following traffic rules, etc.
  • Keep in mind to practice properly passing the car through intersections and gain proper safe driving knowledge like maintaining the speed limit, stopping at a stop sign, etc.

Highway Restrictions for G2 License in Canada

Once you qualify for the G2 driver’s license test and pass it successfully, make sure that you acquaint yourself with the different rules and restrictions that come along with the G2 driver’s license.

It is imperative that you learn of the various restrictions to avoid any difficult situations that might otherwise be faced while out on the road. This will help you in the process of earning yourself a fully unrestricted G category driver’s license in Canada so that you become a responsible driver.

There are three main restrictions that come with a G2 driver’s license in Canada. These restrictions are applicable for all kinds of roads to prevent accidents and ensure safe driving. It is imperative to comply with these restrictions strictly as safety is of utmost importance. It is also important to always have car insurance for your vehicle safety. The restrictions imposed are-

Maintaining a Zero Blood Alcohol Level

Alcohol consumption is a strict no-no when it comes to G2 category driver’s license restrictions. This is similar to that of the G1 driver’s license restrictions. No alcohol must be found in your blood level.

If you happen to consume alcohol and are found drinking and driving, legal action will be taken against you. Thus, to keep the safety of yourself and the citizens intact, you must refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol. It is best to be safe at all times.

All Passengers Must Wear Seatbelts That are in Working Condition

It is the responsibility of a G2 driver’s license holder to make sure that you only carry as many passengers as there are working seatbelts. Also, make sure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts when driving.

Following this instruction is necessary to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. The inability to follow such restrictions might lead to legal action against the license holder.

Highway Restrictions for Under 19 G2 License Holders in Canada

Apart from the above-mentioned restrictions, some nighttime restrictions are imposed on under-19 drivers driving vehicles with a G2 license in Canada. These are applicable from the hours of midnight till dawn. There are two categories of such restrictions. The first 6-month restrictions are different from that of the following 6-month restrictions. 

Restrictions for the First Six Months

For the first six months, only one passenger under 19 years of age can accompany the G2 license holder from midnight to 5 am.

Restrictions After the First Six Month Period are Over

Once the first six months are completed, the number of under 19 passengers accompanying the G2 license holder between midnight and 5 am are increased from one to three. 

Additionally, if you’re wondering, “can you drive on the 400 highway with a G2?”, unfortunately, the answer is no, you’re not allowed.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “with a G2 can you drive on the highway?”, you now know the answer.

However, as with any restriction imposed on the G2 license holders, these are not applicable when a fully licensed driver accompanies you on the road. The only criterion is that the full G license holder must have a minimum experience of 4 years.

Can You Drive Alone on the Highway With a G2? – Conclusion

Apart from complying with the various highway restrictions imposed on G2 driver license holders in Canada, it is crucial to always keep your car insured. Many car insurance brokerages like Surex provide quotes for affordable car insurance.

The best way to maintain the safety of yourself and your passengers is by strictly following the restrictions imposed.

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