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From Scratch to Optimization – How Long It Takes for SEO to Give Positive Results?

The initial stages of setting up a business online have to be handled with patience, perseverance, and lots of intelligence.

Rushing the process is not going to get you anywhere. There are so many start-ups these days in the same field.

This competition is why you need to have a carefully planned strategy to reach the top.  Here is where obtaining positive results from SEOs is getting more popular.

Another key factor in determining your success is to know which is more important – getting the top ranking or generating more sales. Of course, rankings do matter; however, your long-term goal should always be to generate more leads which transform into better sales numbers. When more people visit your site, obviously your popularity score increases.

However, you have to constantly keep a check on whether sales and profit are gradually increasing.  You can work silently towards your goal and increase your profit margin if you do it right. For increasing the bottom line, organic rankings matter. This is where SEO plays a key role. This is a good example of the saying slow and steady wins the race. It is always worth remembering this when you start your business online.

How your Keyword becomes Important?

Previously keywords tended to be more generic and commonly used words. However, the trend has changed now. Users often involve Siri or Google Assistant to listen to their voices and find answers. So the keywords have now been rephrased as questions.

You may see an increase in questions that give more detail about what the user is looking for. Two or three keywords do not do the trick anymore. Detailed information should be available for each query. Only then will the traffic to the site increase which in turn can result in better leads and progressive sales.

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Progress in Terms of Monthly Results

To establish your position in the SEO world, you need to keenly be aware of three important things. This comprises; where the competition stands, how your keywords are coping and where has Google positioned you among others. To make things easy to understand here is a good example that can help. Optimizing a website is exactly like monitoring a ‘soon to be a mom woman’.  The SEO, in its initial stages, should be carefully watched over the same way as a mother monitors her ‘to be born’ baby. Each month is valuable, at the same time, it cannot be rushed.

Patience and steady hard work are the main success factors. You cannot expect a sudden rush in traffic to your site at the onset. People have to like what they see, begin to trust your information, and be interested enough to make them come back for more. Now from the below-mentioned details, take a look at what you can expect during the initial 6 months of SEO. 

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First Month

During the first month, these are some of the things that are done for SEO. How fast you see positive trends depends on how effective the following are:

  • Carefully planned Research 
  • Strategically monitored website audits
  • Deciding on an attractive keyword strategy
  • Implementation and follow up

Second Month 

The initial stage has been set, now you need to keep going without any visible signs of positive results. It is a hard phase since outcome visibility is almost nil. However, at this stage, you have to develop the following:  

  • Studying the audit results thoroughly
  • Understanding where the traffic moves to
  • Developing your link profile 
  • Building content that is strong and reliable

Third Month

Stay focused. You are on the right track. Now lay your attention on your content and your budget. Meanwhile, content creation needs to be planned in accordance with your budget restrictions. Do not go overboard and spend more than you intended to. Watch your site carefully to understand your readers. Quality and reliability play a huge role. Focus on: 

  • Blogging
  • FAQs
  • Whitepapers 
  • Articles
  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Reliable company information

You will start seeing slight improvements in rankings. Your leads will also convert into sales at a better pace than in the initial months if you keep up the consistency.

Fourth Month 

Your harvest time begins. You can see the results working in your favor. In this phase you need to; 

  • Continue the good work in quality content creation 
  • Strive for technical optimization on all website-related pages 
  • Build a healthy and useful link profile 
  • Clean up all the low or sub-standard quality links

Fifth Month 

During the fifth month, you can enjoy better traffic, steadily growing leads, and increased sales.

Sixth Month

Become a successful website with around 5000 visitors and more. No matter how strong you get, keep up the quality work for sustained results. It is hard to wait for results. Not knowing how your online business is faring on the organic front can suffocate you.

So monitoring your progress regularly will help avoid all that speculation. Engage professionals who are experts in this area to keep the records intact. Hard work, consistency, and determination will get you to the top with flying colors. 

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