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Is It a Good Idea to Study English in Dublin?

Yes! Dublin, the capital of Ireland provides a massive number of benefits to its international English language students. If you decide to learn English in Dublin, you can get an opportunity to experience numerous cultures and take in the scenic beauty of the city.

Here are the most obvious advantages of enrolling in an English language course from a good language school in Dublin.

1. Dublin has a Large Population of Native English Speakers

Though it doesn’t sound right, Ireland does have a larger percentage of native English speakers than any other country in the world, even Britain. Ireland boasts of 97.51% of its population being native English speakers while the UK has a lower percentage of 94.45%.

Thus, you get a better scope of English language immersion in Dublin than in any other English city.

2. You can Work in Dublin as an International Student

With the increasing costs of education and living abroad, it makes sense to find a country that will allow you to work as an international English student.

Studying English in Dublin allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and up to 40 hours during holidays as an international student. The minimum wage in the city, € 9.25, is also higher compared to London or any other British city.

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3. You Get a Lot of Qualified English Teachers

English teachers in Dublin are highly qualified and most of them hold at least a master’s degree in English. Language schools in Dublin are mandated to employ only those teachers who additionally have a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching) qualification.

Thus, you can rest assured of the teaching standards when you enroll in an English language course from a good language school in Dublin.

4. You are Exposed to a Lovely English Accent

If you are in love with the English accent and want to acquire it along with the language skills, learning the language in Dublin can give you a great advantage.

According to Irishcentral.com, the Irish accent was voted the most attractive in the world, pushing other accents like French and Scottish behind. Learning English in Dublin can help you pick up this lovely accent as well.

5. Ireland has a Rich Literary History in the English Language

Ireland can boast of a rich history of English literature, comparable to that of Britain. A lot many renowned English writers like Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, and James Joyce hail from this country.

Thus, you can be inspired by the rich culture of English literature in Dublin as an international English student.

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6. Dublin Offers a Rich Palette of Local and International Cuisines

If you are passionate about food, Dublin can offer you a lot! The city’s selection of shellfish and seafood is one of the widest in the world. You can also enjoy traditional Irish delicacies in the multitude of Irish pubs and restaurants across the city.

With all these facilities to enjoy, learning English in Dublin can be an unforgettable experience for you.

Dublin is filled with many reputed English language schools that provide English language training for a variety of purposes. Look for an established English language school in Dublin today!

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