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Pick a Hidden Gem with Decent Air Quality to Mark Your Summer Holidays!

Warm summer months urge you to find a getaway where you can relax and soothe your soul. Big cities usually create sensory overkill with too many things and people simultaneously, leaving you gasping for fresh air and some quiet moments.

As such, you already encounter crowds and daily dins regularly. Finding a calm location with safe air is better when you can escape from all that for a while.

While the quietness of the place will let you focus on everything around you with a happy curiosity, the fresh air will nurture your mind and body. Only a beach town can make things so interesting.

America has many beaches, but which one will have everything in the right balance? Have you heard about Chesapeake Beach? It’s in Maryland. Only a few travelers know of this location.

However, visit it at least once. As per the summer vacation air quality index by Mybiosource.com, its AQI is 55, much lower than the moderate air quality value of 100. Those who have been here have only good things to say about it. Let’s learn about it a little more.

Chesapeake Beach

Driving in the south direction from Baltimore will help you reach this quintessential Maryland beach town in an hour. The serenity and relaxed southern vibe will envelop your senses as you draw closer.

At the same time, the touch of modernity will make its presence on the north side. It’s an erstwhile resort community that received many travelers from Washington, DC. Today, this beach area gives you a glimpse of its character through different attractions. Here are a few options that you may consider.

Rail Trail

A part of the abandoned railroad is now a railway trail extending over 1.5 miles. The wooden boardwalk in the backdrop of beautiful creeks and marshlands offers nature’s most compelling views.

Birdwatchers should carry their binoculars to catch sight of bald eagles and other avian species. Some explore this trail on bikes, while others prefer to walk. Guided tours of one or two hours are also available to give tourists some lesser-known information about the rail trail and the beach town.

Water Park

This Chesapeake Beach attraction has waterfalls, rides, and slides. You will also enjoy the view of a lazy river. You with your family will have some best summer day fun in this part. If you wish, rent a pavilion or cabana.

They will give you picnic tables, chairs, and water bottles. However, ensure the park is open for everyone on your chosen day. It allows only residents of the town or county on some days.

Sunrise Garden

The waterfront garden is accessible from day to night throughout. You can picnic here and bask in Chesapeake Beach’s natural charm.

It is also an ideal place to see water structures, native plants, waterfalls, ponds, and various sculptures of artistic and historical interest. The garden also hosts holiday lighting shows every year. 

In this waterfront town, there will be plenty of recreation. Go fishing, sailing, and dolphin watching. Or, take a scenic boat tour! The good air of the beach will keep you perfectly energized.

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