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English for Class 4: How to Study Well

Living in the stunning era of globalisation, it has become inevitable to learn a new language to survive in this fast-moving world.

Over time with its legacy of taking over the world, English has taken the stand of becoming that common language that makes communication easier for the entire world.

The world as we know it has diversity in almost every aspect possible and it is innately difficult to survive in a society that demands codependency on such a level with this kind of diversity hanging above our heads. This is where the play of a common language comes into the limelight.

For many reasons such as the spread of the British empire, the unfaltering influence of America, etc has unofficially declared the English language the much-needed global language of today.

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This has put an effect on the ever-rising need to learn English or be English educated from a young age. A country like India even with the presence of the British for a long time in its territory has not turned into an English-speaking country entirely although it has given us a huge heads up in terms of being familiar with the language.

Once we had the nation for ourselves and our forefathers were busy figuring out ways to adhere to nation-building, we accepted the importance of English in the present world and foresaw its widespread use. This led to the inclusion and promotion of English education in the country. 

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The duration system followed in India as of now has a huge space left aside to include the learning of English as the first or at least as the second language. This is in the hope to prepare the students and young adults of the country to survive and make the path clear to living a life with dignity.

English is one of the core subjects in most of the curriculum or syllabus followed in different parts of the country. This includes the curriculum formed by the Central Board Of Secondary Education CBSE where English is given its due importance from the very lower classes and the syllabus includes learning English from the basics.

CBSE as a national level board of education which is recognised by the Indian government follows the guidelines set up by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for all subjects which also has the advantage that there will be uniformity in the pattern of education in different schools across various cities. 

The syllabus is designed under the CBSE in such a way that it promises an easy approach for students to learn whatever is aimed at teaching which is true not just for English but for all subjects and courses offered by the board. The CBSE board has always looked to take in the perks of the education system followed at the international level and is currently looking to move towards an international approach in both the pattern of syllabus and the evaluation of students.

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Currently, there are many schools outside India that are affiliated with the board and CBSE aims to increase the current number which I’ll make it easier for Indian students living abroad to follow a similar curriculum as followed here in India.

This has an added advantage for the syllabus in English as a touch of an international approach might elevate the quality of English education in India along with an increase in opportunity for students to study abroad under the banner of these affiliations for higher studies especially. 

English NCERT Books Class 4 is the easiest way to score good marks in the English exams. The books contain all the necessary content and studying it thoroughly is the first and foremost step any class 4 students must adopt.

Being through with the text means being able to understand and identify the themes aimed to reach the students. The teachers and parents are to make sure of this and help the students wherever possible to clear doubts and get a thorough understanding.

Once the concepts and lessons are clear the next step of focus should be forming good and grammatically correct sentences and thereby creating apt answers. 

This can only be achieved through practice and a good foundation in the language. Students can be supported or assisted in framing sentences in a way they understand each lesson. This way teachers and guardians can understand if the students have understood the lesson in the best way and also will help the students practice writing answers for the exam.

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It’s not the poems and prose that are important with respect to the class 4 English syllabus but also the grammar as prescribed. Learning these age-appropriate concepts in grammar acts as a foundation for students to imbibe the English language at its best and thereby understand the concepts that are to be further discussed in higher classes. 

At this level of education, children study the basics of the language such as tenses, adjectives, prepositions, etc. the best way to learn these is through working out exercise questions. Grammar and the lessons included in the main course book are to be learned hand in hand rather than being studied separately. Students can try putting the concepts they learn in grammar into the stories and poems they learn as lessons.

This will undoubtedly put the students in a position of advantage in learning the lesson and grammar together. There are numerous exercise questions mentioned in the NCERT textbooks and students are to go through them and find appropriate answers to them before the exam

This is a mandatory step toward scoring good marks in the exam as the questions more often than not come from the prescribed textbook.

In addition to these persistent efforts and dedication toward learning the subject will definitely help students from the primary section to get better marks in their English exams. It will further help the students if they adhere to a fixed timetable and a sensible plan of study.

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