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How to Make a Career in Product Designing Course in India?

Product Design is a discipline that entails visualizing and conceiving products and services, which offer solutions to certain problems or are an answer to a requirement that is either evident or has not been identified as yet.

A successful product designer must adhere to the following:

  • Identify ideal market opportunity: There are some needs that are conspicuous while others maybe not be apparent. Similarly, somebody’s problem can be an opportunity for others. Product designers recognize these conspicuous or inconspicuous needs as well as problems and can exploit this to launch an innovative product or service as a solution. 
  • Devising a solution: The identified opportunities can take the form of a product or service. Product Designers can conceive customized solutions as per the business objectives. It can be designing a feature-rich premium product aimed at a rich audience or toning down the premiums by reducing the features targeting the masses.  
  • Research & Analysis: The product Designer must have knowledge about the target audience, their preferences, their requirements, behaviour, etc. This will help him in coming up with insights that will facilitate better product design. Additionally, post designing the solution, the product designer researches end-users regarding their experience with the product or service. Basis the analysis of the feedback, he carries out the necessary product iterations, thus ensuring a delightful product experience for the consumer. 
  • At times, an existing product needs a redesign so as to make it relevant to the current generation by enhancing its functionality as well as its user experience. Furthermore, sometimes the product also undergoes changes so as to make it economically viable or opulent depending on the target audience.   

Skills, You will Need

  • Technical knowledge: Competencies in UI/UX design, wire-framing, CAD, 3D, prototyping and its tools including Framer, Principle or Figma, and even testing of product features
  • He must be adept at conducting research so as to have an understanding of the market, the end-users, his preferences, his desires, etc.   
  • Creative ability to conceive distinct concepts in response to identified problems. These concepts offer solutions and can be introduced at an opportune time to take advantage of this opportunity. 
  • Empathy to solve problems and thus identify a solution that also earns him profit
  • He must have an understanding of economics such that he can introduce a product that is financially viable so as to earn him maximum profits. 
  • Competencies in industrial processes, techniques, technologies as well as varied materials are a must 
  • Interpersonal skills, Networking, Communication, and customer service skills are a must. Communication & customer service skills will help in recognizing the problems, both inherent as well as hidden. Communication, interpersonal & networking skills will facilitate in selling the distinct solution to the stakeholders in addition to getting the required assistance both in terms of finances as well as getting the work done. Customer service skills will assist in user feedback so as to carry out the apt iterations that ensure a positive experience 
  • Organizational ability to manage deadlines
  • Ability to self-motivate along with a vision to see the bigger picture. 

Product Design Courses in India

Apt Product Design courses in India can be offered by those colleges that: 

  • Equips students with competencies in Digital products involving apps, websites, etc., Product designing for Consumer Durables, Consumer Electronics, Medical & Healthcare products, Interactive sensor-based & IoT enabled products, and disruptive innovative products & services. 
  • Ensures hands-on learning by making available state of the art studios so as to facilitate digital as well as mechanical prototyping of concepts
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