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Real Estate Investment – A Viable Investment Option

In the face of increasing urbanization, real estate has become a viable investment option. With the changing times, there are many investment options available today. Many people prioritize land when considering investments.

Over time, there are many options available in land investment as well. Once upon a time, there was a way to work hard for a lifetime; When he retired, he would buy a house and live happily ever after and fulfill other responsibilities and duties.

But times have changed. And farmers started taking Tractor, farming has become smart now. Education facilities increased and the era of information technology came; As a result, many employment opportunities were created. The youth took the initiative to increase employment opportunities.

In terms of Pune-Mumbai and other Tier, Two and Three cities in the state, abundant employment opportunities in the industry, business, automobile, IT, ITs have brought economic prosperity.

What’s more, this subtraction also lowers the age of home buyers; Reduced the age of investors. Now the younger generation seems to be consciously investing in a ‘secure’ future. There is a lot of money at a young age, so there are a lot of expenses for that money. The youth invest as much as they can.

Ways to Invest.

In the past, traditional investment avenues like gold, silver, term deposits, PPF (provident fund), and RD (recurring deposit scheme) used to be. These are the ways even today; But the investment paths like the stock market, mutual funds, and business ventures have become more important.

These routes are readily available today. However, these options have lower return guarantees and higher risks. This is known to all of us. What’s more, people seem to prefer to stay away from these investment mediums due to fears, ignorance, and traditional views on this option.

In the face of increasing urbanization, real estate has become a viable investment option. It doesn’t matter if you call this option a sophisticated and guaranteed return option. With a good investment option here, it is satisfying to know that you are investing in your city residence or something that gives you a definite, guaranteed return.

Guaranteed Option

Unemployment in rural areas and rising rates of urbanization have seen many people migrate to cities. While meeting the needs of migrants, there is a discrepancy between the demand and supply of shelter, which is the third of the three basic needs.

There is no alternative but to invest in the available space, land, housing, or commercial projects to bridge this gap. The affected land and land prices. Land prices skyrocketed. Due to this need, investment in land, plots, land, flats, row houses is considered to be a guaranteed return investment.

Options in ‘Real Estate

There are also many options available for those looking to invest in real estate. Plots, agriculture, flat purchase, partnership construction business, equity, etc. can be included in this investment. Like these are the types of investments. There are also a number of options available for the investment process over time, such as group booking, group buying, etc.

Plot or Farm:

This investment is considered to have a definite return. We have been experiencing that investing in space, land, plots are a very rewarding investment. Land investment is a long-term investment. It can be used for agriculture and living. When the price of plots and lands goes up, more money can be earned by selling the land.

Even today in rural areas, investing in real estate seems to be more fruitful, especially in the long run, than in commodities, gold, or any other investment. Since the land is not a newly created property, this investment option will come at a higher price, which is a black line.

Flat – A good return can be obtained from the investment of lp-29 flat. This return is in the form of profit from the sale of the flat. Many investors with working capital can be found across the state in developing cities including Mumbai and Pune. 

Over time, many new trends in flat investment options have emerged. Many seem to be investing in one-RKs (halls and kitchens only) within their budgets, from one BHKs to even larger 3BHKs, with four BHK flats, to comfortable second homes.

Many times when the budget is low, there are many investors who take the resale flat and invest in it and then make a profit out of it by renting and selling it.

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Something similar is happening through buying and selling plots.

Business Plot Sale.

Many congregations appear to be in the business of selling plots individually or as a group. To buy land in strategic places; In order to get more return from it, we used to wait till the development of the area concerned. 

It seems that some new trends are emerging. Investing in plotting for a second home, farmhouse and other investment purposes seem to be having a good day. This type of collective investment also reduces the risk to a great extent.

Business in Partnership.

Congregations that have access to land and adequate funding are often seen doing construction work themselves. However, those who have land but do not have enough fodder or fodder to develop it; But it is not a land to invest in as a project, a joint venture option for both groups. This option is currently being used extensively in and around Pune city. This gives a definite return to both groups. We have to say, ‘Let’s help each other ..’

Attraction to Big Companies Too.

Attractive returns on real estate are now appealing to even the largest companies. Big companies like Godrej, Tata, Mahindra, India Bulls, Reliance, Sahara have also started investing in real estate through housing projects. This investment is also seen through townships and affordable housing.

Above we saw the names of big domestic companies. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government relaxing the rules and regulations for foreign direct investment in the domestic real estate sector, the preference for international investment here seems to be gradually increasing. This is expected to have a major impact in the coming years, say economic experts.

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An Equity Option for Financial Institutions

Small and big investors, big companies are seen investing in real estate in the hope of good returns. How can the financial institutions, which have so much money, be left behind? Most of the private financial institutions are investing in the construction and infrastructure development sector through equity. However, it seems to be led by private financial institutions rather than government ones.

As we have discussed above, there are many options available for the investment process over time, such as group booking, group buying, etc. In particular, the risk involved in these processes is low. And of course, the lower the risk, the lower the return, the lower the profit.

Group Booking and Buying’ – Many times you are ready to invest in options like flats, plots, farms, farms, etc. We are ready to take that risk, But we do not have the financial means to do so.

A great option for such congregations is group booking and group buying. Currently, this trend is growing. The working class in the city is more or less aware of the investment. They appear to be adopting this option in the church.

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