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A Guide to the Most Popular Forbrukslan Comparison Services

Are you looking for a cheap personal loan? These financial products are used by a myriad of Norwegians in need of funds to cover wedding expenses, vacation costs, unexpected expenses, credit card debt, etc.

Nevertheless, the journey to choosing the best loan can be complicated for many individuals due to the vast choice of providers. Fortunately, there are special consumer loan comparison services to use if feeling overwhelmed in the decision-making process. Most of these service providers cooperate with the largest banks in the country.

The guide below will introduce you to the most popular providers of such services.


Lendo is among the best providers that individuals can turn to when shopping for personal loans. It only requires users to submit one application in exchange for several offers from Norwegian banks. You won’t need to make the comparison of products by yourself. As long as you include the necessary information in your application, Lendo will compare the offers for you.

Once the application is submitted, you will receive just the best offers in return. The aim of Lendo is to save individuals both time and money in the research process. At this provider, people can borrow between NOK 5,000 and 500,000. This service is adapted to loans of all sizes, and the benefit for prospective borrowers is getting offers from some of the best banks in Norway.

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Centum Finans

Centum Finans

Another provider of consumer loan comparison services is Centum Finans. Nowadays, there are numerous informative websites, such as mitt forbrukslån, which assist borrowers in comparing the cheapest consumer loans. Just like in the case of Lendo, you should submit an application and let Centum Finans make the comparison for you.

Furthermore, individuals can apply for a cheap unsecured loan or a refinancing credit. You are allowed to apply for a sum as low as NOK 1,000 to as high as NOK 500,000. This provider also collaborates with some of the most popular banks, including Ikano Bank, Santander, DNB, etc. An important detail worth mentioning is the minimum age limit imposed for applying for such funds with Centum Finans, which is only 18 years.


In case you cannot put your complete trust in the hands of intermediaries, you should check out some of the most popular informative sites on consumer loans, such as billigforbrukslån.no. This site provides visitors with an overview of the loans worth applying for, along with the prices and essential details.

Moreover, each option is assessed by experts, which facilitates the decision-making process for aspiring borrowers. This website features financial products from reputable banks like Bank Norwegian, yA Bank, and Opp Finans. Anyhow, visitors should bear in mind that the selection of providers is less extensive than the array of products they can find at intermediaries.

Axo Finans

Axo Finans is another important player in this field, which provides its loan comparison services for years. It offers favorable personal loans to borrowers by comparing offers from multiple Norwegian banks. The upper borrowing limit is NOK 500,000, whereas the lower limit is 10,000 kroner.

All in all, this company collaborates with seven Norwegian banks, meaning you won’t have a problem getting a favorable offer. Your application can be submitted for any reason you consider good enough for borrowing money, including renovation, old debt refinancing, a vacation, etc.


Scoopr is classified as one of the most successful loan comparison services available to aspiring borrowers in Norway. This provider guarantees individuals that they will receive an offer within four hours after the application has been sent. You can receive the offer at any time of day or night.

In addition, Scoopr has established a collaboration with a few of the largest banks in Norway. Apart from efficient application processing, you will be provided with good terms as well. Scoopr is excellent for everyone who needs to get a favorable loan in a short time. The application terms are similar to those of the other providers, ranging from NOK 5,000 to NOK 500,000.


One of the oldest providers of such comparison services is Telefinans, which has provided its assistance to Norwegians since 1985. All you are required to do is submit an application and then wait to receive offers from all the banks Telefinans collaborates with.

Individuals have the opportunity to apply for small, personal loans, and refinancing. The lowest amount that you can apply for is NOK 5,000. The upper limit is set to NOK 500,000. By accepting an offer through this provider, you are most likely to end up with favorable conditions.


Another service worth mentioning is lånutensikkerhetguide.no. It provides a detailed overview of Norwegian unsecured personal loans available in the market. The selection of a product is based on different criteria, like effective interest rate. This site also cooperates with the largest banks in the country.

Top Reasons for Taking Personal Loans

Individuals are interested in using such financial products for multiple reasons. For example, a frequent reason for doing so is debt consolidation. You can use the borrowed money to pay off credit card debt by consolidating multiple payments into a single payment.

Another reason for getting personal loans is home remodeling, as many homeowners lack the necessary finances for upgrading their homes or completing essential repairs. It’s a favorable option for people looking to finance small to mid-sized home improvement projects. Additionally, these funds can be reserved for covering moving costs, especially useful in long-distance moves.

Emergency expenses are another reason for getting such financial assistance. Such emergencies include funerals, unexpected medical bills, and other unfortunate scenarios. Some individuals use these funds for purchasing new appliances, like a new dryer or washing machine. Wedding expenses and vacation costs can be covered with these funds as well.

To sum up

The easiest way to make the right financial choice is by trusting one of the above-mentioned intermediaries!

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