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Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

Who doesn’t love buying new, expensive cars and driving them around the city or going on long, relaxing road trips?

Even though the government has imposed laws that force you to get auto insurance, other drivers aren’t as careful on the road and could end up crashing into you despite your efforts not making a single mistake.

Because of these reasons and many others, we have to spend thousands of dollars on car insurance. If you have been looking for a few ways that could help you save up on your car insurance, then you have come to the right place! Here are FIVE ways you can save money on auto insurance. 

Always Shop Around

The best way to know the lowest market price of something is by going around and asking numerous vendors about the prices of the products and services you are looking for. Car insurance is no different.

Since insurance for automobiles is mandatory, business-minded people know that there is going to be a lot of demand for it. Therefore, there are multiple substitutes available to get it from, meaning there is a high level of competition.

Some insurance agencies will be charging high because they have already established themselves, but some new start-ups will be looking to hog customers through low prices. And that’s who you want to get your car insurance from! Just by spending an extra day or two looking for cheap auto insurance, people can save up to $100 to $200 per month!

You could also get lucky and stumble across an insurance company either having a discounted promotion to increase its customer base or celebrating a special occasion for the business and offering great deals to new sign-ups. Whatever the case, it’s always a good idea to skim through the market before making the final decision to purchase your car insurance.

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Be a Safe Driver

There are certain factors that car insurance companies use to create your car insurance profile, based on which the insurance premium amount will be decided. Traffic tickets and accidents are among the most important factors that could significantly increase or decrease your monthly insurance premium.

Just like banks look at the person’s financial position asking for a loan to check how safe it is to provide the loaned amount, car insurance agencies look at the number of accidents and skirmishes the person has been involved in.

The higher the accidents, the riskier the client, which means you will end up being charged a higher premium amount than a person who hasn’t been involved in a car accident. So, if you are looking to score a relatively low amount to pay on your monthly insurance premium, be sure to keep a clean record by avoiding traffic violations and driving safely so that you can stay away from car crashes.

Disengage Redundant Auto Insurance

The insurance sales agent has only one job to do once you walk into their agency, to sell you as much insurance as possible. It is uncommon for insurance agents to scare people into buying more than one car insurance by putting hypothetical situations in front of you that are least likely to happen.

This fear causes them to cave in and reluctantly get multiple car insurance they will never need. A person could sometimes be manipulated into buying two different auto insurances even though they both provide coverage for the same situations.

So, when you walk into the insurance agency offering you the lowest prices, make sure that you have thoroughly researched the car insurance you need. Do not fall for their scare tactics and only buy the one you think fits your requirements best.

Cheaper to Repair It Yourself

Another way to decrease insurance costs is by determining whether the insurance saves you more money in case of an accident, or just going for the car repairs yourself will be cheaper. If you have an old, run-down car model, chances are, it will be far less costly to get the car repaired yourself in case you get into a car accident than to get advanced-level insurance coverage for it.

For example, collision insurance provides coverage for car repairs if it crashes into another automobile or object, and comprehensive insurance pays you if your car gets stolen, vandalized, damaged by hitting an animal, or damaged by natural causes.

If the car you own is worth less than your deductible plus the money you annually pay for the advanced insurance coverage, then it’s a good idea to drop them and stick to your basic plan. In case of a car accident, it would be far cheaper for you to get it repaired yourself while the insurance company takes care of the other car if the crash is your fault.

Get Your Car a Dash Cam 

One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance in case of an accident is to have sufficient evidence to win the case by proving your innocence and qualifying for the best accommodating terms and conditions of your insurance coverage.

Being proven guilty of causing the accident or coming to a stalemate even though the car crash wasn’t your fault will result in you receiving little to no benefits from your car insurance. This means all the monthly insurance premiums you paid just went down the drain.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have all the evidence you need to prove that the car accident wasn’t your fault and receive the maximum monetary benefits from the insurance company is to have a dashcam installed in your car.

The dashcam will record every event before the car crash happens and allow the officials to make the correct decision. A dashcam costs only a few hundred bucks, but it could potentially save you thousands of dollars!

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