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All Statistics About The UK Migration

An international movement of people from their native place to a non-native country is called immigration and people who move to a non-native country are called migrants.  

The majority of people from different countries migrate for some or other reasons. The United Kingdom government follows strict rules for the applicants who want to migrate to the UK and distinguishes them into 4 tiers through visas. An assessment is held that has to be cleared by the applicants to get permission to enter the country. 

The visa policy of the United Kingdom is a policy through which the government of the United state can determine for what reasons a visitor has visited the place. 

For those who want to invest in a business or start a business the UK start-up visa will be required and they will fall in the tier 1 visa category. Likewise, those with a job offer or are sportspersons will fall into the Tier 2 visa category, and so on.

Each tier has a certain set of rules that has to be followed by the individual belonging to that particular group.

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In most of countries, immigration and visa restrictions prohibit people from entering the country without valid proper paperwork. A good immigration advisor from a leading Immigration Law Firm can help you in settling a fair deal amicably and legally.

Visa application can be a bit intimidating but, with the right firm by your side, it can make all the difference In the Infographic below you will find detailed information about the statics of people who migrated to the UK from different countries.

Statistics About The UK Migration

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