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9 Creative Ways to Access Alternative Business Financing

For starting a small business or expanding your existing business, you require enough funds to turn your dreams into reality.

If you are running a small business or going to start a venture, you will have to raise the funds to fulfill the requirements of business setup equipment buying, staff hiring, office rental, and other needs of the business.

To accomplish all your business needs, there is one solution i.e. money. Hence, you need to seek the best alternative to raise the funds for your business to get on track or start it in full swing.

Being an entrepreneur, you should be aware of some standard ways to access alternative business financing sources that can fulfill your business fund requirement. If you are still aware of them, you may get in touch with the best SME working capital loan providers in Singapore. They will offer you the best SME loan schemes for your small business to give funds for its development at small interest rates.

Here are nine significant business financial ways that you can opt to raise funds for your small business or a new venture setup:

1. Small Business Loans

If you have a potential business plan and rich experience, there are options for small business loans, offered by the leading small business loan providers or financers in the market. Also, you can find some good fund schemes for small businesses offered by leading banks and financial authorities in Singapore.

Under SME loan schemes, you need to be eligible for general requirements like you should have a good personal credit score, no bankruptcy and criminal background, personal debts, and a potential business goal. In addition, financial forecasting can help determine if a business is viable. This analysis can help business owners plan future expenses and decide when to borrow money or invest.

If you meet such criteria, you can qualify for small business loans to get from top financial authorities and banks in Singapore at highly low interest rates. Hence, it will help in setting up your small business or raising funds for an existing one to get more financial aid for its development and other needs easily.

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2. Crowdfunding

It is another alternative to raise financial help for your small business. You will find many investors or financers, entrepreneurs, and public authorities, Who can help you financially to set up your business. Also, you can start a crowdfunding campaign online for your business and make others aware of it through online promotion.

There will be some helping hands in the market who can invest in your small business if it has the potential to grow in the future. However, it is advised to take financial aid from authentic crowds or fundraising sources over the web.

Otherwise, you might encounter fraudulent who can ruin your business plan as well as your career. So, you need to keep your mind open while raising funds for business through crowdfunding online.

3. Vendor Financing

If you have good business skills, you can impress vendors or sellers to supply you with the raw materials for business and pay them after the sale of products. You can convince the vendors through creative ideas and business plans to grow in the future if they supply raw materials to manufacture the products.

You can sign a contract with a vendor to raise fund for business after the sale of products and pay the vendor’s invested amount every month or depending upon total earnings made on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual basis.

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4. Microloans

If you are unable to qualify for traditional business loans from banks, you can take benefits of microloans offered by some non-profit organizations in the market. Non-profit organizations do social service to help potential businesses or small ventures to grow and serve society and the nation with their products and services for human welfare. So, you can also take advantage of microloans from non-profit or private financial authorities to make money for business needs.

5. Personal Financing

You can also raise funds for business through personal properties and financing options like homes, vehicles, land, etc. These are some good personal alternatives that can help you get business loans against them at low interest rates.  If you are ready for this option and can sacrifice the luxuries of life to set up a business or save it, then personal finance can be a good alternative for your business goal.

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6. Family and Friends Loans

You can also convince friends and relatives through your innovative business ideas and woo them to invest. Also, you can impress them by giving partnership in the business according to the investment and make suitable plans for business development with dear ones.

7. Financial Lease

You can take advantage of the financial lease option for purchasing industrial machines or equipment for business from financial authorities. There are two types of financial leases such as direct financing and sale-leaseback.

In both cases, you will have to sign a contract with a financial broker to pay the amount on lease or in installments. Also, you can set up an interest rate on the leased amount on a monthly basis to pay till the specified time duration.

8. Personal Loans/Credit Card Financing

Small businesses can also take advantage of personal loans from finance brokers, banks, or private financial authorities. In such types of loans, you can manage business expenses through credit cards and pay to the bank. Hence, it will give you profits from credit cards and reward points for using them and paying them for the company’s small expenditures.

9. Advance Payment from Clients

It is another good idea for fundraising or business growth with clients’ efforts. You can entice the customers to make advance payments for business and earn double benefits after the sale of services or products in the market.

Thus, the above are nine massive ways to access or generate funds for business and grow the small business gradually to achieve its goal in the competitive industry. If you are unable to manage finance for a small business, you can take benefit of small business loans offered by the SME loan brokers in Singapore.

They have innovative business loan schemes for small businesses that will help them grow and pay back the amount at low interest rates. Also, you can qualify for SME loans in Singapore easily and get instant fund transfers to your account online.


By taking advantage of any of the above financial sources, you can fulfill the goal of your small business setup or grow the existing business by managing its operational, administrative, and equipment purchase requirements easily.

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