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How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate and Grow Your Business

Real estate agents are small businesses in their own right, and just like any other business, a company needs a team to be successful. Building an incredible team can be quite a challenge for some people because of different reasons, such as lack of time, money, experience, or knowledge.

As a real estate agent, your goal is not to build a fantastic team for yourself but an excellent team ready to help you build your business. It takes having a strong network of the right people to build your business, and that’s what this article is all about.

6 Steps to Build a Great Team

Step 1: Know Your Goals First

The first step to building an excellent team is knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Knowing how you want yourself to be remembered is critical in building a successful real estate team. 

If you want real success, you must understand what it takes for you and everyone on your team. Take some time out to jot down some ideas on what success will look like for you and how it will present itself as an individual and a company.

Step 2: Start Building Your Network

The second step is to start building your network and have people who can help every step. The more people you know who can help you, the better it will be for you and your company. 

But it’s important to know how to build a solid network to support your real estate business. Looking for connected and unique people helps you find great people that you can use in your team. Finding people who are good at what they do and want to help others is what you should be after.

Step 3: Start Building Your Team’s Core Values

The next step is to define what should be your company’s core values. It is a step where you’re defining who you are and working on building your team’s identity. 

What your team stands for and how it sticks together is vital in today’s business world because, most of the time, it will reveal itself through actions. Having core values that make everyone on the team feel good about themselves and their position will help you build an excellent team in real estate.

Step 4: Build Your Team’s Brand

The fourth step is to start building your brand and how that brand will be presented to the world. Doing all the hard work up to this point doesn’t mean that what comes after will be easy. It is where you must find the best people you can find on all types of media for you and your team to have a great brand. 

Your business will have a huge image, so it is critical to have an excellent team and people who know how to present themselves. Building your brand is vital in today’s business world of networking and marketing.

Step 5: Add Your Skills and Your Talent

Its next step is to contribute your skills and talents to the team. The more team members who know you have their back, trust in you, and respect for you, the harder they will work to make your company a success. 

Giving the right incentive to your team is essential, and it’s a step that will take time and patience. With any business working hard is critical. Because if you’re not willing to do the work, your team won’t either.

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Step 6: Build Trust and Loyalty with your Team

It is critical to keep your team satisfied and loyal. Your team is what will bring you success, so if you don’t have a loyal team, no matter how hard they work, it won’t matter how hard they work. 

They won’t stay with you for long enough to make it a success. The most successful companies keep their employees happy, and not only do they give them great incentives and reward them for their hard work.

Components You Must Have for Growing Your Team

1. Admin

An admin is one of the essential parts of your team, and without a good one, your team will suffer. A good admin has to be organized, have a strong work ethic, and have good communication skills. 

As an admin, you’re in charge of all the details involved with keeping everyone on track with what they need to do daily. An admin needs to be resilient because life will throw obstacles at you, but being able to overcome those obstacles smoothly will only make you a better business owner and person.

2. Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator is a team member who takes care of all the little details of real estate. They need to be detail-oriented and have strong communication skills and good organizational skills. 

Transaction coordinator needs to be very organized and prepared because they will be working with a lot of people during the real estate process. Due to working with so many people, they will gain the respect of others because they’re good at their job and know how to keep everyone accountable for their piece.

3. Business Development/Marketing Manager

A business development manager helps the entire team get the word out about what their company does and how great it is. They need to be very good at networking and marketing to make themselves valuable resources. 

They’re someone who can help any team member pay attention to their role, know their place on the company’s brand, and give personal feedback for everyone’s goals to be met. 

You must have someone who can help you see the big picture because sometimes, being an entrepreneur who’s focused on having their own business be successful, you forget to look at the whole picture.

4. Inside Sales Agent

An inside sales agent is responsible for bringing in the clients and making sure they’re happy with the service they are getting. An excellent inside sales agent understands that the best way to get repeat clients is to make them happy. 

To be an excellent inside sales agent will make sure that they understand all the clients’ needs, and if they can’t handle it, they will help find someone who can. They will be a valuable asset to the team if done well because they’re responsible for bringing in happy and willing clients to pay for the service. Hire sales agents that can help you and your business.


Teamwork is an essential component of having a successful real estate career. No one can do it alone, so each team member is essential. There are many components to having a successful real estate career, but teamwork is one of the most important. 

When you define your team’s core values and how you want your brand to be, they will begin to work together under one goal, finishing out their project as a beautiful company that everyone takes pride in.

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