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Looking to Advertise in the Midwest? Here Are 3 Tips and Tricks to Do So

When starting a new business, you want to make sure that you’ve got a great marketing plan in place in order to reach as many consumers as possible.

One of the best markets to advertise in the United States is the Midwest, the heavily populated north central area of the country, composed of states including Michigan, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, and Kansas.

Kansas is perhaps the most “Midwest” state of all, as it’s located dead center in the middle of the country. While some might consider Kansas and other Midwestern states as “flyover states,” that’s not the case when it comes to advertising. The Midwest is ripe with plenty of advertising opportunities at an affordable price range.

Read on to discover how you can get the most out of advertising in the Midwest.

Where to Advertise in the Midwest?

The Midwestern states are known for their sprawling landscapes; many cities within these states are dedicated to farming. However, that doesn’t mean that the Midwest doesn’t have its fair share of exciting urban centers.

For instance, Wichita is the most populated city in the state of Kansas, and is home to a number of exciting museums, packed sports arenas, and well-traveled highways, making it an ideal place to advertise.

It would be an amazing idea for your business to invest in Wichita billboards in order to reach the city’s almost 400,000 residents, as well as the numerous tourists that pass through Wichita on road trips and during air travel.

Other great cities similar in size to Wichita to advertise your business in the Midwest include Omaha, Nebraska; Detroit, Michigan; and Cleveland, Ohio.

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Cities in the Midwest have similar advertising opportunities to larger metropolitan cities in coastal states. For instance, using Wichita as an example again, static Wichita billboards are in great supply all around the city. Additionally, there are a smaller number of digital Wichita billboards, which allow a company to market its business with an image or animation on an illuminated digital screen.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding between static and digital billboards is cost. Digital Wichita billboards tend to cost more than static Wichita billboards. For a standard for week campaign, you’d likely end up paying around $350 for a static Wichita billboard run, whereas you’d likely end up paying around $1,200 for a digital Wichita billboard run.

That said, there are fewer digital billboards than there are static billboards in Wichita, so you might find it more beneficial to use your marketing budget to rent a number of static Wichita billboards at one time. Or, you could save your money to invest in a bold, animated digital billboard display that’s sure to capture the attention of anyone walking by.

In addition to billboards, Wichita also has a number of opportunities for transit advertising: this means placing advertisements on the sides of buses, trains, and taxis.

Transit advertising in Wichita will likely be the most costly form of advertising that you can look to invest in in the city, with the average cost of a transit advertising campaign being around $10,000 to $17,500.

While this can be a hefty fee, transit advertising can help boost your brand recognition all over the city, as the advertisements go wherever the transit goes. As such, transit advertising might help you to reach a wider audience than just a single billboard.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you want to diversify your business’ out-of-home advertising portfolio. Just keep your budgetary restraints in mind, and you’re sure to craft a great billboard marketing campaign that will help you to grow your business.

Best Ways to Capture Consumers Attention With Billboards in the Midwest

Once you’ve secured your billboard rental space in a Midwestern city like Wichita, you’re going to want to craft the perfect advertisement to stand out to consumers. In order to make sure that your advertisements get noticed, it’s important to focus on crafting a unique visual design.

Choose photos with bright hues, add text in bold fonts, and come up with copy that’s witty, yet suits your brand perfectly. If you’re looking to create an animation for a digital billboard, the same rules apply; however, be sure to keep your animation something simple that one could easily see while driving by without fully distracting them.

In Conclusion

The Midwest is far more than a collection of flyover states. It’s an area with a number of highly populated cities that are ripe for bountiful and affordable advertising opportunities.

If you’re looking to advertise in the Midwest, consider cities like Wichita, Kansas, where you can find a variety of static and digital billboards, as well as transit advertising opportunities that you can use to market your business and grow your brand’s recognition.

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