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Roles & Responsibilities of an Accounting Department to Small Business

You might be already aware of the fact that the accounting department handles a variety of tasks when it comes to administrative functions.

These tasks are regarded as organization responsibilities but bear in mind that they are essential for running any business properly.

If you are a small business owner then you might be questioning what small business accounting looks like.

This article has got you covered with the basic responsibilities which the accounting department handles for small businesses.

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Role of Small Business Accounting in Billing

As the name suggests small business accounting takes care of billing information by assembling the customer order and other ship orders for creating invoices. These invoices are then sent out to the customers.


The budget department is responsible for assisting the company by formulating a well-structured company budget plan. The budgeting also involves a plan regarding all the expenses for the coming year with the details about purchased assets.


The small business accounting firm also handles the tracking of overdue invoice payments. This tracking is done by using several methods like calls and attorney letters.

Small Business Accounting Firms Generate Financial Statement

The firm also handles financial statements by adjusting the entries. Ensure that financial results comply with the accounting framework.

Internal Reporting

The firms also manage other insights like the calculation of profits. They calculate the profits of several products, customers, services, and stores, etc. They analyze different areas in order to view the business from different perspectives. The analysis is done on regular basis to manage the business properly with the goal of improving finances.


Small business accounting firms also take help in accounting for collecting supplier invoices and employee expenses. The information from both reports is checked against the verification records in order to ensure authorized payment. After the verification payments are issued to the recipient as well as scheduled for the payment date.

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Small basic accounting firms also have groups of people who assemble information from the employees together which is the pay rate from the hr department. They further calculate the tax and carry out needful deductions from the payment. Once finalized, the payment is issued to the employees through cash or cheque transfers. Small business accounting firms also carry out direct deposit payment issuance for employees.


The firm also manages other time-consuming functionalities for small businesses like giving credits to the customers. There are several other aspects of which a small business needs to take care of and in such cases, they ideally don’t prefer handling credits. There is no hole of doubt that granting credits is a treasury function that is handled perfectly by small business accounting firms.

Human Resource

Last but not the least, several small businesses need to handle the amount of paperwork. The paperwork is usually generated by the human resource department in the accounting firm for issuing not only the payroll to the staff but also for generating paperwork related to deductions in other gross payments.

Depending on the need and preferences of a small business such a department can be placed under an accounting firm or completely separate from it.

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