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Financial Challenges Faced While Working from Home

Working from home has become the new norm for businesses and organizations. At first, it was a countermeasure to take care of the spread of the virus. However, countries are relaxing the measures imposed amid the hope of getting a vaccine.

Businesses and organizations have learned remote working areas are the best for their employees. This helps with cutting down daily operational costs, which is a plus for businesses.

According to statistics, 55 % of employees are working from home. And the percentage is expected to grow over the years. This is seen in the reduction of commercial business units being rented out. Working from home helps with morning rush hours, no need to take your coffee in a to-go cup.

This is because you are not rushing to catch a bus or train to arrive at work on time. All you have to do is move to the living room or dining room and begin your work.

Even though working from home is convenient, there are disadvantages attached to it. We are going to look at the financial challenges one stands to face when working remotely.

Financial Challenges Faced While Working Remotely   

1. Excessive Spending on Food Deliveries

Working from home is the best since you can organize your schedule to fit your daily needs. But preparing a meal sometimes can be a problem due to a huge workload. For this reason, many rely on food deliveries to avoid unnecessary movement that leads to time wastage.

Though food deliveries are convenient and one does have to waste time in between, they are expensive. For example, if you’re going to request food deliveries for a month, the bill accrued will be much bigger.

Therefore, we recommend cutting down on food deliveries when working remotely. The best way would be to prepare meals during your free time and stock your fridge. This helps with reducing the number of food deliveries made in a month, cutting down on cost.

 2. Poor Budgeting

Budgeting is vital for any person, whether you are working remotely or in the office. The best thing about working from the house is that you don’t get to spend a lot. No more coffee dates, budgeting for extra clothes, or paying for transport. However, most people waste their cash, thinking they are safe since they do not spend it daily.

However, you need to train your mind to have good budgeting habits. The moment you begin to spend without thinking about the future, you end up in financial debt. This is something that could be avoided when you are budgeting accordingly for every single coin.

Start with taking care of your utility bills the moment cash hits your account. Once all the bills are taken care of, check for investment portfolios. Which investments are good for you? It would be real estate, stock, bonds, and rare coins, among others.

The main thing is to ensure the cash you have in the account continues to make money for you. Locking the cash in a savings account is not the best option since the interest accrued is minimal. Let your cash work for you.

3. Poor Savings Skills

As much as you are budgeting and investing the cash earned, you need to save some cash for a rainy day. This is a principle that many have learned about the hard way during this pandemic.

When COVID-19 began, no one knew the effects the virus would have on the world, allowing our economies. At first, many thought it was just common flu, and that it would end. But when things got out of hand, we had to stay at home.

People lost their businesses, and sources of income and life are no longer the same. If you had not saved a bit of cash, then you were doomed. This is why we recommend saving cash for a rainy day. No one knows what the future holds; maybe after the vaccine is found, there will be other pandemics. What next? Hence, you need to improve your savings skills for the future.

4. Terrific Shopping Habits

The virus has gripped people with fear, and some even find it hard to leave their houses. This is why when they get a chance to head out shopping, they carry big shopping bags. Everyone is trying to keep themselves and their families safe by minimizing the number of times they head to the grocery store or supermarket.

They will be shopping for items in dozens to ensure they do get to leave their house again. But what are you shopping for? If you are stocking on junk foods or even sweets, you are not helping yourself.

Despite the items being unhealthy, they eat up your cash since they are expensive. Therefore invest in things that are essential and tame your desires. Separate your needs and wants before heading out to the grocery store or even supermarket to keep healthy and save on cash.

5. Becoming Too Complacent

Working from home is difficult at times, especially for beginners. Before the pandemic, no one thought that their employer would expect them to work from home. The idea seemed impossible since people are used to waking up dressed and rushing through traffic to get to work.

Today things have changed, and employers are embracing the work-from-home culture. Though this may seem to be fun, it has its disadvantages. The main one is becoming too comfortable.

While working from home, one might be tempted to watch movies or even listen to music.

Others might opt to work on their beds. But these are poor working habits. This is what makes one lazy and unproductive, which could lead to you getting fired. Hence, block all the destruction when working from the house. Create a separate room in the house where you go away from your kids or family members.

Avoid working near your bed since it gives you the idea of taking a power nap when there is a task that needs to be accomplished. Your phone also needs to be on No Disturb or Flight mode when working.

An Alternative Source of Finance When on a Tight Budget

If you are on a tight budget, the best place to get financial assistance is from Robocash. This is an online platform that offers easy approval of personal loans to Filipinos. The platform has a flexible loan tenure that is up to six months, depending on the loan.

The loans are offered at a low interest rate, which is affordable for you. The amazing thing about the platform is that it is fully automated, and you can apply for a loan anytime.


For one to qualify for a Robocash loan, you need to meet the following parameters

  • You must be Filipino, and a government-issued ID card is needed to prove this
  • One has to be between the ages of 21-70 years
  • A functional mobile number is also needed
  • You’ve to be self-employed or employed to be considered eligible


  • Robocash has a high approval short-term loan rate, which is at 90%. This means whether you are a first-time or a second applicant, the chances of getting the cash are higher.
  • The firm is fully automated; hence you can use your SmartPhone or laptop anytime, and the loan request will be approved. This is because of the online application, which allows one to access their services anytime, anywhere.


Financial management is something one learns. You can choose to go to classes or read books about it. This will give you tips on how to manage and invest your cash wisely.

Remember, not all investments are viable because you have the cash. It would help if you learned more about the business portfolio before investing your time and money. Plus, remember to budget at all times to avoid overspending.

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