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7 Interesting Tips to Make Money on TikTok (Latest Update)

TikTok is a top trending application for creating short videos. Since its launch in 2016, it has had 1 billion active users worldwide. With this popularity, TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times from the google play store.

Every day tons of people are using this platform to increase their account reach and promote their businesses.

Additionally, many marketers and content creators are investing in TikTok to expand their reach worldwide. Like other social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can make money on TikTok.

Since TikTok is an engaging platform, you need to post quality videos to boost your followers and make money. If you are a small brand trying to make money on TikTok, read this article to know the secrets.

Tip 1: Growing and Selling TikTok Accounts

Growing and selling TikTok profiles is the easiest way to make money on the platform. Ramy Halloun is an Instagram user who earned $30,000 annually by selling accounts. Similarly, you can grow and sell a TikTok account to earn on the platform.

Before growing an account:

  1. Select a specific topic and start posting videos around it.
  2. Share engaging content to boost views on TikTok and grow a massive audience worldwide.
  3. Once a TikTok account grows to a certain level, find brands related to your industry and sell your account to them.

No one has time to create compelling videos to boost their TikTok account reach in the digital world. With this, many brands are buying engaged TikTok accounts to increase their business and get more sales.

Growing themed accounts are one of the easiest ways to find buyers. Because in the themed account, the followers are highly engaged with the content also they do not even notice the change in ownership. Additionally, personal accounts are hard to sell on TikTok.

Are you wondering what is a themed account on TikTok? If you grow an account with popular videos of travel destinations, you can reach out to a brand or business that offers travel services. Additionally, you can do it for the industry like, fitness, food, fashion, beauty, and adventure to earn more money on TikTok.

Create an attractive TikTok account and post high-quality videos to boost followers and engagement rates. The more engagement and followers your account has, the higher price you can sell your TikTok accounts.

Tip 2: Go Live and Collect Donation From Your Viewers

Another exciting way to earn money on TikTok is by going live and getting donations from your TikTok viewers. TikTok has a wonderful feature that allows creators to collect gifts and coins through a Livestream.

Collect Donation From Your Viewers

On TikTok, not all users are eligible to join Livestream. Only selected people can participate in the live programs, so you need to have the following if you want to be one among them.

  • Post quality content consistently
  • Increase your TikTok followers
  • Boost your video engagement rate

So follow these tips to boost your TikTok profile visibility.

Who can buy gifts and coins on TikTok?

Every user who crossed above 18 can purchase coins and gifts to their TikTok profile. Look at the prices and buy the coins, once you purchased coins they will be credited to your TikTok account. You can get 100 coins for $ 1.39, and the coin prices may vary according to the quantity.

Additionally, you can buy different gifts by using the coins you have. Drama Queen is the most expensive gift; it costs 5000 coins.

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What can I do with gifts?

TikTok gifts are used during a live stream. TikTok users can send gifts to their favorite content creators to show their appreciation. Users can contribute gifts by clicking the “Give Gift” option in the user videos.

What are the benefits of these gifts?

The gifts which you receive from your fans are converted into diamonds. These diamonds are converted into money, and you can use PayPal to withdraw your money. To create great content and boost your followers offer gifts for your videos. At this moment, you can easily make more money on TikTok.

Tip 3: Become an Influencer on TikTok

Become a Influencer on TikTok

In any social media platform, one of the effective ways to make money is by becoming an influencer. While it is not easy to become an influencer, you need to spend more time and effort. A Forbes report says the popular TikTokers earned millions of dollars in the past years. So anyone on TikTok can easily make money on the platform.

Followers count is essential to become an influencer in any social media network. First, analyze your audience and make compelling content to boost your engagement rate on TikTok. Most of the brands only look for your TikTok engagement rate and engaged followers.

Influencers with 30K followers have a more engaged audience than an influencer with 80K followers. Additionally, many brands like to collaborate with micro-influencers on TikTok because micro-influencers have a high potential audience and are inexpensive.

You need to follow some tricks to become an influencer with a few thousand followers in a short period.

  • Use a TikTok pro account.
  • Select a niche based on your follower’s interest
  • Make an eye-catchy TikTok profile
  • Analyze and understand your audience
  • Share fantastic content on TikTok
  • Be authentic
  • Post content consistently
  • Engage with your TikTok audience
  • Participate in the hashtag challenges
  • Collaborate with other TikTok accounts

These are the steps you need to follow to become a famous influencer on TikTok and earn money from the platform.

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Tip 4: Post Sponsored Content on TikTok

You can easily make money on TikTok by sharing sponsored posts. The business insider report says that for each sponsored post view, you can get an average of $0.01 to $0.02 on TikTok. So if your sponsor video gets 100K views, you can earn 1K dollars in sponsorship.

Once you boost your followers on TikTok, you can approach top brands and offer your services. You need to have more engaged followers before reaching out to the brands on TikTok. Search and find the brands that are interested in growing their business on TikTok and approach them first.

Additionally, you can analyze many influencers in your industry and see the sponsors they worked with. With this, you can get a great idea to reach out to a sponsor. After finding a list of target sponsors, you can approach them via mail for collaborations.

Before sending an email, you need to include particular things with it.

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do for them
  3. Share important metrics like your follower count and engagement rate
  4. Tell what makes you an expert in a particular industry or niche
  5. Share your achievements
  6. Share an experience about your previous sponsorship campaigns.

If you are a beginner, try to collaborate with small brands to get a better experience with sponsorship. Post more sponsor content and make more money on the platform.

Tip 5: Run a TikTok Influencer Agency

One of the effective ways to earn money on TikTok is by managing influencers on the platform. There are tons of TikTok agencies available on the platform. Therefore you can also run an influencer campaign to make more money.

An influencer agency is nothing but a person who serves as a middleman between brands and influencers. An influencer agency will help a brand that is looking for brand promotion services. The agency directs brands to find the right influencer to work with them.

For running an influencer agency, you should be able to do the following things.

  • You have to find the top TikTok influencer with a good record
  • You must be able to build a great relationship with top TikTok influencers
  • You must have expertise in running influencer and social media marketing campaigns.
  •  You must be able to create a different advertising category for an influence campaign.

We already know that TikTok has inbuilt influencer programs, but it is more expansive. Many small brands and marketers prefer to work with influencer agencies. Because it helps small businesses to save their money, start running an influencer agency campaign to make more income on TikTok.

Tip 6: Become a TikTok Consultant

If you are a TikTok expert and know how to get millions of likes and views on videos. So you can use this platform to teach other TikTokers to boost their engagement rate for a consulting fee.

Make TikTokers are using this technique to earn money on TikTok. Sean Young is a TikTok consultant who earns $10K per month by advising top celebrities and businesses on what content they need to post for their brands.      

If you have the potential to create viral videos with a high engagement rate on TikTok. Then you can start teaching other TikTokers to make viral videos on the platform. Share quick tips and secrets to becoming famous on TikTok for consulting fees. The more unique tips you share, the more customers you receive for your TikTok, and it helps you earn more money on TikTok.

Tip 7: Sell Your Own Product on TikTok

You can make money on TikTok by selling your own product or service on the platform. For selling your products, you need to have some engaged followers. Use TikTok to promote your brand to a wider audience by posting engaging content.

It is the key feature to attract millions of new audiences to your TikTok account.

Also, you can use related hashtags in your video to find your target audience on the platform. If your business is related to beauty products, share attractive 15-second makeup videos on TikTok. At the end of your video, add a promotional part about your products and tell how people can buy your brands.

Regularly sharing amazing videos about your brands will attract your audience’s attention to your TikTok profile. Additionally, you can add a call to action button in your video to drive traffic to your target page. And it helps you to get more sales on the platform.


TikTok has become one of the popular platforms to make money online. It offers tons of opportunities for brands and content creators to earn money on TikTok. But the key feature is to create compelling content to attract a massive audience to increase your business reach. I hope this guide will help you to make money and expand your business reach beyond TikTok.

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