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Tips to Getting Mobile Phone Plans Right for You

If you are considering moving or traveling to Australia, then you will need to plan how to get the best mobile phone plan while there. Granted, there are several small and large carriers, and in most cases, the services don’t differ that much.

However, you can still find yourself with a more expensive mobile phone plan if you are not careful. For one, Australia is a large country and this means not one mobile carrier can cover the entire area effectively.

So the region has several mobile carriers to offer network coverage. Most coverage is centered at the coasts where the big cities are, but you are likely to find pockets of network cover in the interior where the climate is a bit harsh. 

Getting the best mobile phone plans may seem tricky given the amount of false advertising and clickbait that are online. However, there are people who have found very good deals on their mobile phone plans, and you could also navigate your way to negotiating a very good deal if you follow the following guidelines.

Ensure You Choose Your Carrier Well

Most people understand that mobile phone plans are an offer that clients agree to and therefore wonder whether it is possible to get custom plans for their own use. Custom plans can be a preserve of elite clients, but still, these cheap mobile plans have many tariffs and tiered plans that you can basically custom make your own plan based entirely on how you use your mobile phone. 

The first step is to choose a good carrier network. There may be several carrier networks, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the best carrier is a larger one, since this is likely to have international mobile phone plans.

The second thing to consider is whether the carrier has a large enough network coverage to cover you wherever you travel. Some countries such as Australia have stringent rules for mobile plans in Australia and therefore you can expect very reliable service as advertised. However, in some countries you would need to be very careful otherwise you run the risk of paying expensive premiums that you could not have anticipated. 

Understand Your Mobile Habits

Finding the right mobile phone plan for you requires knowing your own mobile spending habits. You should know when you like to make most of your calls and why. Either it’s because the tariffs are lower for off-peak hours, or it’s because that’s when you get a lot freer time.

If you are intent on controlling your spending while communicating then you need to consider sticking to off-plan calls and texts. You should also find a reliable WiFi provider if you are an avid browser. Avoid browsing on network-based data if there is available Wifi. 

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How Often Do You Call

The frequency of your calls will affect the overall cost. If you have to make certain scheduled calls, then you can opt for a prepaid plan that has great night tariffs. Night tariffs are on average quite cheaper than other tariffs and since the prepaid plan has more flexibility on tariffs, you can opt for it when you can adjust your call schedule to on-tariff hours. 

How to Avoid Expensive Mobile Phone Plans

One way to avoid being stuck with an expensive mobile phone plan is to ensure you settle on an affordable mobile phone. Usually, it is the phone payments that add to your monthly premiums, and you can choose to get the phone on an off-contract basis, this will significantly reduce your overall monthly spending. The added savings can go towards getting more mobile resources or even getting WiFi for your home. 

Another trick to reduce spending is to ensure you read the fine print before signing the contract. Most hidden terms are in the fine print and there you can find whether a particular promotion will last the duration of your contract or whether it’s just designed to last a short time before tariffs rise back to normal. Once you are sure there are no hidden charges or short-term promotions then you can confidently sign the contract.

The Best Mobile Plans While In Australia

There are three types of mobile phone plans to choose from and these are unlimited mobile plans, prepaid, and sim-only plans. The choice of the best mobile plan that you settle on will affect your average monthly costs. For example, the unlimited mobile phone plan is ideal if you are planning on staying for a longer time in the country.

You can get 6 months contract which is renewable after expiry, and through this mobile plan, you get access to cheaper minutes and data. The only thing is that you get a bundled offer which can seem expensive, but in reality, is quite cheap if you consider cost per resource. 

Is the Prepaid Mobile Plan Australia Ideal for Short-Term Visitors?

A prepaid service allows you to only use what you can pay for upfront. You can still get a mobile phone with your prepaid mobile phone plan and this would be a great choice if your current phone is locked and you intend on staying in Australia for some months.

If this is the case, then a new mobile phone on a prepaid contract will help you to choose a great network that is available in the region where you’ll be staying.

However, if you will be moving around a lot, then a sim-only mobile plan is ideal, so long as you select a great tariff and you can have access to quality, reliable WiFi.

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