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Fixed Deposit, Gold, or Equity? How to Invest for Best Returns in Volatility

Gold investment online in India has caught on like wildfire for the last few years because gold is considered auspicious and investment in digital gold has turned out to be quite profitable for the millions.

Gold is considered one of the best investment options because of its intrinsic value and its time-tested golden performance.

Digital Gold Investment

Investing in digital gold is so trusted by all and investment in it can be begun with as low as 100. If you invest in gold online, you are spared the trouble of putting your gold away securely in the lockers and paying for the rent.

Some of the key benefits of investing in digital gold are:

  • There is no need for storing your gold in a place that you’ve to hire. There is no need for paying for the making charges also.
  • Gold that you buy online can also be sold back online whenever you find the prices have gone up and you can sell it with some profit.
  • You can sell the same gold at the market price. You can’t buy 24-carat gold at such a low price. So, this way the purchase of gold becomes so affordable and if you keep it in the digital form for some time, it’s going to give you lots of profit.
  • Another advantage that you have is that you can keep track of the prevailing gold prices in the market.
  • One of the benefits that you get dealing with digital gold is that your investment is also insured against losses. The sale and purchase of gold in this fashion are flexible so that the deal is possible at any time online. The system guarantees its authenticity. All that you’ve got to do is exercise a few clicks and you get your required sale or purchase of digital gold.

So, your investment remains liquid whenever you wish. The rate of gold price varies with the market prices but you can take stock of the prices and decide accordingly. All the transactions are transparent and beyond reproach. You can go on buying gold and keep accumulating them at your home but in digital form. There is no risk of getting them robbed or stolen.

This is the advantage of this type of gold investment online. If you have some relevant documents and visit the required website, you are in a profitable business. Some organizations sell digital gold at market price in sachets. There is no need to buy gold in bulk.

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Fixed Deposit

FD rates in India vary greatly because different banks pay different rates of interest to their customers. FD is a low-risk investment option open to people. FD is offered by banks and post offices. Through investing in FD you can grow your money and earn a lot of profit.

Some of the key benefits of investing in a fixed deposit are:

  • Your money will grow by dint of the interest the institutions pay to your investment regularly. Your money remains safe in the FD.
  • You can plan your financial goals if you decide to invest in FDs of any bank or post office.
  • The interest rate that is paid varies from 6.5% to 8.5%. today’s market is volatile and in this market, an investment in the FD is the safest option.

Gold vs FD investment – A brief overview

You can invest in gold or a fixed deposit. It has been proven so many times that investment in gold is one of the most intelligent decisions one can make. People of South Asia have unflinching trust in gold. This unwavering trust in this yellow metal has created a perpetual market for it.

If you are in a fix about investing your hard-earned money, you may buy gold from the market and keep it in the safe deposit lockers of a bank. Your investment will come to your aid in times of urgent needs like a marriage in the family, higher education expenses, and during a medical emergency.

Although FD investment has a slight edge over gold investment; gold can be liquidated easily at any time. There is only one issue with gold investment. The price of this metal grows very slowly. It’s better if you invest in the FDs which gives you a fixed rate of interest on investment at regular intervals.

At the same time, your money remains safe and secure from the volatility of the market. You will gain a fantastic profit at the end of the term of your deposit. There is a limitation in investing in the FD. The rate of growth of your money is not very high.

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The sole purpose of making any investment is to earn returns on it and multiply your wealth. Returns on investment can either be non-market linked like fixed deposits and other savings schemes or they can be market-linked. There are multiple investment options under different investment categories.

One such method of investment is direct equity investments which can be either stocks or mutual fund investments that come under market-linked investments. Equity investments can be looked at from a different perspective by different stakeholders. Primarily, there are two major angles of evaluating – The company angle and the Investor Angle.

If you invest in equity, your money will gain exponential growth and your corpus will grow at a rate not comparable with any other investment instrument. There is some potential risk involved with an investment in the equity funds. an investment in the equity market is fraught with risk and hazards because it is affected by the roll and pitch of the market condition.

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An investment in gold, FD, or equity is not equally profitable. The equity market offers extraordinary hikes in the gains for the investor but there are chances of sharp falls also.

An investment in gold or FD is a much better and safer option if you are a risk-averse investor. However, due diligence is advised.

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