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Choosing a QuickBooks Online Accountant in Canada

A small but growing business needs to outsource its financial management to operate more efficiently.

Your aim is to find an accountant with the traits that fit your interest, so you could work together and strengthen your small business.

Accountants that work closely with technology and software such as through cloud computing are now in demand. Furthermore, countless accountants are using a free platform called Quickbooks Online Accountant, which means they each have different ways of handling clients.

There are a lot of things to consider before hiring a professional to help manage the finance of your business. Here is how to ensure you select the right Quickbooks Online accountant that best suits your business.

Why You Need an Accountant from QuickBooks Online

Having an accountant will help you with your finances. Your business will improve over time, and consumers’ interest and demand for your services will also increase. Thus, you’ll need to operate as a legitimate organization to go to the next level.

You will need to hire someone to track the money that’s coming in and out of your business in a more sophisticated and understandable manner. You will need to get rid of your spreadsheet and start being more organized with your finance management. This is where QuickBooks Online can come in.

You can manage your invoices, pay your bills, and track the cash flow of your business through QuickBooks Online. Hiring QuickBooks Online Accountants will help you increase remote workers for your business and create a leaner organization.

Since you already have accounting software for your small business, you will also need someone to manage the finance for you. But, you can’t just hire a random accountant, you’ll need someone that is an expert on using QuickBooks Online. Experts on using Quickbooks online are known as ProAdvisors.

Choosing a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a program for accountants using QuickBooks Online, and they are given discounts, software from Intuit, and support. QuickBooks ProAdvisor strengthens your online presence by making accountants more appealing to small business owners who need their help.

Accountants with the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification are also called ProAdvisors. This also means that they worked hard for it since it isn’t an easy process to complete. Certificates from different pieces of training offered by Quickbooks are used as a good benchmark to hire an accountant.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor accountants that receive advanced certification means that their skills even better. Since QuickBooks’ advanced certification exams are extremely challenging, passing them means the accountant has a big badge of honor.

However, you don’t want to hire just any QuickBooks ProAdvisor accountant and seek if they have advanced certification. You’d want an accountant that you can build a long and healthy relationship with for your business.

Determine the Kind of Accountant You Need

Before you start searching for a Quickbooks Online Accountant, you should make a list of what you want from them. Know the sort of experience you want from them, such as specific programs and industries they specialize in.

Kind of Accountant

You also have to think if their personality fits and if you’re willing to figure things out with them.

Following this, you should also think about the services you want when you hire them. QuickBooks ProAdvisors can help do your setup, train you, and occasionally help you if you need it. Other ProAdvisors can even do more such as finding loans, recommending apps, and establishing your workflow.

Hiring the right accountant that fits your personality will also help smoothen the process. They’ll be able to give you updates and check-ins without you asking. Also, they will always be available if you need help with an issue or need information.


Finding an accountant that might be a good fit for your business is easy once you’ve done background research on them. You’ll be able to see how they present themselves and their practices by going to their QuickBooks profiles. Further, you should also look at their reviews to know if they are worth hiring for your business.

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