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6 Unique Recruiting Event Suggestions for Attracting Top Talent in the Field

Finding highly qualified job candidates is not as simple and straightforward as it used to be. Sometimes, it even feels like the technologies that were designed to support the recruiting process have only made procedures more complex.

While leveraging digital solutions can save your business valuable resources, the lack of face-to-face interactions that come with digital technologies can make finding the right fit incredibly challenging. 

That is why in-person events are still incredibly effective, and here are some of the best recruiting event ideas you can try to successfully attract top talent:

Host an Evening Mixer Event

Evening mixers represent a great opportunity for meeting with prospective candidates in a more relaxed environment. This unique atmosphere can allow both candidates and hiring managers to go beyond the typical conversations about skills and experience to learn more about each other on a personal level. 

This allows employers to select the best cultural fit for their business. Consider interesting venues such as bowling alleys and themed bars, or even ideas like corporate happy hours that bring all job applicants together in a single place. Make these events more enjoyable by hiring a professional catering company – there are plenty of delicious options to choose from across Australia.

Organize a Lunch and Learn

Organize a Lunch and Learn

Lunch and learn events aren’t only beneficial for teams; leveraging this concept in a recruitment strategy can be great for attracting qualified talent as well. The idea here is quite simple – you invite potential applicants to join you for lunch and utilize this time to show a simple educational presentation describing the career opportunities your company offers. 

If your goal is to attract a larger and more diverse talent pool, even sponsoring local events like club meetings or conferences can be a good solution here. In either case, make sure to inject the fun factor into these events through solutions such as enjoyable music and fun games.

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Consider a Networking Event

The simplest solutions are often classic for a reason. Traditional networking events aim to bring professionals with common interests together and are a great solution for businesses that aren’t hiring at the moment but are planning to build their recruitment pipeline for the future. These events could be higher-level, with the focus on displaying your company culture and the advantages of working for your business. 

For networking and similar events, professional event photos in Australia are quite common. Consider hiring a talented and experienced event photographer as well. These images will look great on your website and social media profiles and will be easy to share across platforms to potentially attract even more candidates.

Plan an Expert Presentation 

Expert presentations like tech talks can allow you to focus your recruiting efforts on any specific open roles. Choose an engaging topic that aligns with the types of candidates you are looking for to ensure your audience truly has the potential to become valuable team members in the future. Suitable topics for these events might include industry news, trends, new methodologies, best practices, etc. 

While you are presenting, you should also give attendees plenty of opportunities for asking questions, sharing ideas, discussing topics, and network. It’s recommended to schedule regular breaks to give yourself some time to learn more about the individuals who might be a great fit for your business.

Provide a Training Seminar

Individuals who are devoted to their careers are often searching for new opportunities to learn and grow. Take advantage of this fact by organizing a training seminar that will enable you to attract qualified talent. One option would be to recruit one executive team member or thought leader with extensive experience to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Then, plan a weekend or evening workshop to offer to the community without charge. Another idea would be to hold an interview or CV workshop, providing participants with advice on how to succeed in a competitive environment. This will enable you to meet with prospective candidates early on and even educate them on the exact topics you require.

An unconditional activity can be a great method for building visibility and trust in your local community. This allows a wide variety of individuals to become more acquainted with your company, and can even bring in more business. Consider planning a community event that focuses more on promoting positive word-of-mouth marketing, rather than prioritizing potential job applicants. 

There are a number of options you can choose from in terms of community-wide activities, but holiday-themed events with free images or gift bags might bring in the most people. You can also think about sponsoring admission to coveted community attractions such as theme parks, carnivals, zoos, sporting events, and more.

Wrapping up

Evidently, there are a number of unique ways you can attract top talent to your company. Consider the needs and main goals of your business, and select an interesting event accordingly to ensure success.

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