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5 Smart Reasons for Small Businesses to Partner with a Charity

Being a small business means you are constantly dealing with cash flow issues and trying to compete with the larger businesses in your industry.

Even with the help of social media and digital marketing campaigns, it can be hard to have your voice heard over everyone else.

These factors can make you question whether it is worth giving to or creating a partnership with a charity. However, there are 5 reasons why this could be the best idea your business has.

1. Brand Awareness

By yourself, you can market your small business through local advertising and social media marketing campaigns. But, by creating a partnership with a charity you will massively boost the awareness of your brand.

Charities spend a lot of time trying to reach people. If you list your donations to a charity on your website and ask the charity to list you on theirs, your business will automatically be exposed to a wide array of potential customers.

In short, more people will know who you are.

2. Potential Returns

Giving to charity is generally done as a nice gesture, to help those that are less fortunate than yourself. The hope is that, if you were ever in the same situation, someone would be willing to help you in the same way.

This is a sound reason for giving as you know you’re helping others. But, in some instances, you can even generate a nice return from the donation. For example, the Surf Life Saving lotteries give you the opportunity to help fund surf lifesavers. That’s the people that have saved 7,731 people and performed 1,609,184 preventative actions just in 2019/2020. The fact that you could win a house is a welcome bonus and a good reason to donate.

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3. Local Reputation

If you help a local charity then you’ll build a strong local reputation. In an age when the community is becoming increasingly important, taking care of your local community will be viewed favourably by local people. This will give your business a good reputation and help you to win more business. 

4. Target Customers Better

If you take your time choosing a charity you’ll find one that reflects your values and a charity that reflects your target niche. By partnering with the charity and reaching out to their donors you’ll be speaking with people already interested in your cause and products.

In short, the right charity can boost your sales by creating relationships for you. 

5. It Helps

Small businesses tend to focus on how to improve their profits and reduce costs. It can be easy to forget that sometimes it is simply nice to help others. Anyone can have a change of fortunes, offering some help to them, via charity, is a nice thing to do and is morally right. You’ll feel better about it.

Of course, the fact that your business is helping those in need locally won’t go unnoticed by locals. You can help charities while helping yourself.

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