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How to Sell Your Old Textbooks and Make Money?

During the pandemic, we all experience some kind of financial troubles. Sure, finding alternative ways of income is great but challenging at the same time.

One of the best ways to make money immediately during economic hardships is to sell valuable assets. Even if you do not possess a piece of jewelry or an antique drawer, there is a high chance that you have old textbooks sitting in a silent corner of your room.

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to these books and ‘start a new chapter’ with extra cash.

Believe me, selling books has never been that much easier. Stop thinking about your nearest second-hand bookstore, which will pay only a few pennies for your textbooks. I am talking about as high as 80% of the original retail price you paid for the textbooks when you studied at college.

It is even possible to find buyers paying more depending on the book’s conditions and the demand for it. Just read this guide to find out your best options and… Cha-ching! You got the money.

1. BookDeal

We cannot deny unfortunate cases when sellers do not receive the money they wish from their offers. Luckily, it is not the case if you choose BookDeal. This company specializes as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of the textbooks.

It creates an opportunity for sellers to access a wide base of customers looking for their offers. As the demand for textbooks is high, the sellers usually get the highest profits. Even better, the sellers do not pay shipping costs if they adhere to the guidelines. In short, there is no reason to enjoy the benefits of BookDeal’s great service.

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2. AbeBooks

AbeBooks helps sellers create virtual stores in the online world in a few steps. Its website is extremely helpful in explaining to users how to sell textbooks. The company allows sellers to publish their offerings on six online international platforms, which means sellers can access buyers in different locations.

It increases the chance of higher rates for the sold textbooks. In return for this service, AbeBooks requires some payments- a monthly subscription fee, a commission from sales, and external payments due to credit card processing. However, it is possible to offset the payments with the money earned from the sales. Besides, the monthly subscription fee depends on the number of listings, making it more affordable for sellers.

3. Amazon

It would be wrong not to mention Amazon when talking about selling textbooks. It is one of the largest platforms worldwide offering textbooks, among other things. Amazon makes the process easier and simpler for sellers. It is enough to enter the ISBN to list the books.

As a result, you will have access to large bases of customers all around the world. Plus, Amazon is a well-known brand, which means buyers rely on its offerings more. The only difficulty is that the sellers should deal with the process, including shipping, by themselves.

4. BooksRun

In BooksRun, you can sell, buy, or even rent textbooks. BooksRun can buy your old textbooks for reasonable prices. You need to enter the books’ ISBN to get offers quickly.

As a next step, you will package and ship the goods for free and receive the payment within four days after delivery. However, keep in mind that the rebought book’s value should be more than $15 so that the company can afford free shipping.

The BooksRun team is also very friendly, and they assist the selling process at every stage. If you have any troubles, you can contact the organization through email, phone, or live chat.

5. CampusBooks

Another reliable website to access the quotes immediately is CampusBooks. Sellers need to enter the ISBN to find the offered quotes for their textbooks, not surprisingly. After comparing different rates, you can choose your desired offer and complete the process on the buyer’s website.

Depending on the selected buyer, the rate and requirements can change. Overall, CampusBooks is a fast way of getting rid of old textbooks while generating the maximum profit for the offer.

What to Consider while Choosing the Online Marketplace?

You can use any of the above-mentioned online platforms to sell your old textbooks and make money fast. Sure, you can also go to a second-hand book store, find a buyer on social media, or ask your peers to recommend you to their friends in need of textbooks.

These all are good ways to get money. However, they do not provide guaranteed satisfaction. For example, second-hand stores usually buy books at very low prices. Meanwhile, the buyers found on social media can be unreliable.

That is the reason why we suggest getting help from a third-party online platform. Some of them, like BookDeal, can guarantee payment and eliminate many risks. Besides, as you will access more buyers, the demand, and subsequently, the final rate will be much higher.

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