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Living Your Life as a Professional Stock Trader

If you are a trading insider then it is impossible for you to not know about a stock trade. The stock market is the second-largest and the most hyped financial market in the entire world with $20 billion worth of transactions per day.

This is enough to let people know how much influence this industry is in convincing traders to invest in this market.

One of its biggest traits is that a trader doesn’t need a high educational degree to start earning in this market. As this market provides absolute transparency, the probability of being scammed is almost null here.

However, even with all these lucrative facilities, many stock traders fail to pull off significant marks on their trades. But, worry not! As this year is coming to an end, you can always find ways to have a bigger resolution of starting anew and marking more good deals.

Many would advise you to start with a trading plan. But trading plans are overhyped and let’s be honest, who doesn’t even have a trading plan, to begin with? But today we will be unveiling some of the most hidden tips that no one tells you in this trading market.

So, get excited! We are just getting started to disclose some of the best ways to improve your stock trading skills.

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Reflect on Your Past Trades

It is always a good idea to talk about where you have been. It might have been a weary trip to where you are now. But those past incidents have made you who you are today. You may feel like a comparatively better trader than you were three months ago.

Well, it is all thanks to the experience that you gathered from the past. So, when you are thinking of moving forward, it is wise to look back and reminisce about your past to get the best of the pieces of advice.

So, when you are reflecting on your past self, make sure to find out these questions and their respective answers.

  • How many trades did I invest in?
  • How many trades did I win or lose?
  • Why did I lose a trade and what were my shortcomings?
  • What were my strengths behind winning a trade?
  • How enjoyable was this journey for me? Was it bothersome and tiring or fun and positive?
  • Is there any room for improvement?

When you are done coming up with the questions, it is the time you come up with the answers. Sit down with your notebook and do some calculations to find out your biggest strengths and weakness.

Before you trade stocks online, you must have clear idea about your ability. This proper evaluation would ultimately guide you to grow as a better investor and show you the road to better opportunities.

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Determine Your Goal

Only evaluation is not enough to keep you on track. You need something more. Now setting a goal is something more. Why? When you set a goal it helps you to have a clearer picture of what you want to achieve and helps to map out your trading game.

However, your goal should be set depending on your situation. You cannot be highly ambitious when it comes to reaching a goal. Your goal should be something which can be achieved by you, not something which becomes impossible and very complex to attain.

For example, in times of economic crisis, thinking of expanding your trade would be pretty nonsense. In this situation your main goal should be to survive without having any potential loss to damage your investment.

You can also determine a specific amount to trade per month so that you don’t trade aggressively without keeping a hold of your accounts. You need to keep in mind the amount you are willing to generate from the amount you decide to invest.

This will also help you to come up with suitable risk management options for your trade. Thus, when you learn to control your trades and set up a perfect plan, you can be looking forward to more options in the future.

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