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Improving Your Curb Appeal for a Home Sale

“Getting The Money You Deserve for Your House” If your home has been on the market, or you’re thinking of putting it on the market, chances are you want it sold as quickly as possible.

There are only so many things you can do inside to improve the chances of it selling, which can be frustrating.

Whether you’re moving to a new home down the block; or into a new luxury apartment in a city with expensive rent prices like Denver, Colorado, you need to make sure you find the best price for your home during the sale process.

Additionally, mulch around trees and add unique changes that Conway home buyers will notice and love.

Thankfully, the outside of your home has nearly endless possibilities of how it can be improved and help expedite the home sale process. Here are four great suggestions on how to increase curb appeal when selling a home.

1. Improve the Walkways

It may be one of the most overlooked parts of your front yard, but your walkway down to the end of the driveway can set your house apart from the rest.

Chances are your sidewalk has some cracks in it at some point, potentially with weeds growing out of it. Do yourself and buyers a favor by de-weeding your walkway and patching up any cracks that you have with cement.

Additionally, check and see how your mailbox looks. Since it’s either at the beginning of your driveway or on your stoop, replacing an old or odd-looking mailbox with a newer more modern one can make your entire yard pop.

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2. Spruce up the Yard

Your yard is probably the largest factor in making or breaking your chances of selling your home, especially when talking about curb appeal. Brown patches, crabgrass, dead trees, weeds everywhere: these all are common oversights from homeowners who are having trouble selling.

Take the time and effort to make sure your yard looks straight out of a commercial. If you need to reseed and fertilize your yard, buy the best possible product. If a tree is dead or dying, pay for a company to remove the tree. Make sure to plant flowers around the house to give it color and life. Additionally, mulch around trees and add unique changes that home buyers will notice and love.

3. Outdoor Lighting

Although house showings may not be done at night, using outdoor lighting techniques can elevate a house’s curb appeal to a new level if done creatively. Many houses don’t bother to use outdoor lighting, which could be seen as a huge project for someone who wants to buy a house and have outdoor lighting.

Paying the extra dollars now will pay off in the long run with a faster home sale experience. You don’t have to go overboard with the amount of lighting but treat it as window dressing. Things such as walkway lighting, in-ground lights, and lamp posts, can enhance even the dullest of front yards.

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4. Check the Roof

Before putting your home on the market, go ahead and check the roofing and see what kind of shape it’s in. Chances are you haven’t given your roof much thought since you moved in, let alone once you decided it’s time to change scenery.

Roofs can become extremely weathered and become disheveled if they aren’t taken care of enough. There are two big options for your roof to improve its image: clean it, or re-shingle it.

As time passes, dirt can pile up on the roof of your house, making the color dull and worn out. Washing your roof with either a power washer or roof cleaner can give your roof and house a much-needed image change.

However, if you attempt to clean it and nothing helps, it would probably be worth it to re-do it. Hire some professionals to fix it up so that when it comes time for buyers to check it out, it’s as good as it gets.

Overall, curb appeal is a huge deal in marketing your home sale. Buyers tend to make a decision about whether they like a home within the first 30 seconds of being there. Those 30 seconds can literally be used up walking up to your front door.

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Use these great curb appeal tips to get a better price when selling your home. It’s a huge financial commitment to sell your home, so it’s important that you do all you can in terms of curb appeal to help you land the perfect buyer at the best price.

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