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Class 10 Maths: Top Tips to Boost your Score

As you all know, This year, CBSE has divided Class 10th exams into two parts, and the first term exams are just around the corner. Students are under enormous pressure to perform well in their board exams, particularly in Math.

As you all know, This year, CBSE has divided Class 10th exams into two parts, and the first term exams are just around the corner. Students are under enormous pressure to perform well in their board exams, particularly in Math.

Math has always been a nightmare for many students. As you can’t perform well in math by memorizing concepts as you can in language subjects. As a result, it becomes difficult for many students to achieve high marks in their maths board exams. 

However, the main reason for students’ maths phobia is that their concepts of the subject aren’t clear, and they lack the necessary guidance to study the subject. And to address this issue, in today’s article, we will discuss the top ten tips that, if followed, will undoubtedly improve your math scores.

So, let’s directly jump on the tips. 

Know the Exam Pattern

Without knowing the exam pattern, it is difficult to acquire good marks in the subject. You will learn about question formats and mark distribution if you are familiar with the exam pattern. With A deep understanding of the exam pattern and how the questions are asked in the examination, you will find it easier to understand the structure of the paper on the last day, which will save your time. 

Solve NCERT Completely 

NCERT is the official book recommended by CBSE, the CBSE will likely stick with it. The majority of questions in the main exam will be drawn from the Class 10th Mathematics NCERT Textbook. In addition, the textbook is thoroughly designed, with deep concepts and tons of questions.

To master the subject and score well in your class 10th maths exam, you must solve every question given in the NCERT textbook.

Refer to Additional Study Material 

You have completed your maths NCERT thoroughly, so you can now solve questions from guides to advance your level. There are several guides in the market, such as RS Agarwal and RD Sharma, from which you can choose. These guides will help you improve your board exam performance and boost your confidence in the subject. 

Solve Sample Papers 

Though you have completed your preparation by solving books, sample papers, and past year papers will help you in time management. As of yet, you have solved the questions chapter wise be it from NCERT or any guide, but by solving sample papers, you will develop a habit to tackle different chapters problems. 

Not only that, but by completing these papers, you will develop a strategy of solving questions in the actual paper on time and be able to identify your weaker areas.

Create Your Strategy 

The first term of the board exam will be based on MCQ patterns, which require you to solve questions and fill out the OMR sheet. So, at the moment, this tip is pivotal because you will have to manage both things together in the exam.

The strategies for solving summative and objective exams differ. As a result, you should purchase OMR from the market and experiment with different strategies when solving questions.

Make Formula Copy 

Maths is full of concepts and formulas. And it frequently happens that while solving questions, we remember the procedure but forget the formula. So, make a small copy and note down all of the formulas in it. And, while answering the questions, keep that copy in front of you to help you remember the formulas. It will also assist you during your last-minute revision.

Don’t Forget Any Step of the Question 

This tip will be useful for your class 10 term-2 board exams, which will be summative. And mathematics is the only subject that will fetch you marks for each step. As a result, always practice solving math problems step by step.

Never forget to write the given, to prove, formulas, and then complete the procedure when solving any math problem. Even if your answer is incorrect, you will get marks for writing these steps.

Start With Simple Questions 

 If you have a weakness in math, don’t dive right into tough problems directly after you understand the concept. Solve the simple problems first, then move on to medium problems, and finally too difficult ones. 

For example, if you want to reach the terrace, you can easily climb the stairs. However, if you attempt to run on the staircase by leaving one or two stairs unattended, your chances of falling will increase.

The same is true for mathematics questions; if you jump right into difficult problems without first solving the easy ones, there is a good chance that you will never understand the concept.

Do Group Study 

Though maximum classes are running online nowadays, which makes it a little difficult to follow this tip. If possible, you can sit in a group and solve maths problems together, or you can hold an online meeting and then solve problems together.

When we solve a problem on our own, there is a chance that we will forget the concept or solve the problem inefficiently. However, if we sit with our friends, someone may have a different method for answering the question, and you can learn from them.

Furthermore, by doing so, you will never find math boring and will want to solve it more. 

Fight with the Fear of the Mathematics

Many students developed a fear of math, which made it difficult for them to understand the subject. When they sit down to solve math problems, the first thought that comes to mind is “I can’t do it,” and these thoughts never allow them to solve any problem.

However, if you sit there thinking, “I’ll do my best to solve maths,” you will undoubtedly solve every question in the subject with time. 


Math has always been a challenging subject for students. You can, however, improve your exam score with the right strategy and a thorough understanding of the concepts.

And the top ten tips discussed above will assist you in obtaining more marks in the subject. All you have to do is follow these tips and study hard for your exams.

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