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Top Eight Study Tips for Class 8 Students for Final Examinations

As time is passing fastly and the final exams are only 5-6 months away, maximum students are under tremendous pressure to perform well, which causes anxiety and stress. They’re all working hard to get good grades.

However, They don’t realize that hard work is required, but we need to combine it with proper strategy. They are unable to develop an effective exam preparation strategy, so their efforts go in vain. 

However, to solve this problem, in today’s article, we’ve compiled a list of the Top eight study tips for class 8 students for final examinations, which will boost their percentage many times. These study tips will not only assist you in developing an effective strategy but will also improve your final exam score. So, without wasting time, let’s jump on the tips.

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Solve Sample Papers

You must be giving tests, and you will continue to do so in the future. However, writing in your main exam and tests differ because the main exam’s question pattern, time limit, and exam pressure distinctly differ from your tests. 

So, it is recommended that you solve Sample Papers for CBSE Class 8 before the final examination to familiarise yourself with it.

Solving sample papers has several advantages like:   

  • you will understand your exam pattern and how the questions are asked in the main exams.
  • You will learn about your weak areas that require more attention and can work on them. 
  • And you can easily sit for long hours in your actual exam and many more.

Time Management

Time management is one of the significant parts of your effective preparation strategy. It is essential not only during the preparation phase but also during the examination. Good time management will help you fetch good marks in your final exams. 

During the preparation phase, you must balance your study time with your other daily activities. Not only that, but good time management will allow you to get the most out of your preparation.

During exams, on the other hand, good time management will help you to finish your paper on time without feeling rushed, and you will also have time to recheck your entire answer sheet once.

Decide Daily Goals  

Though it may be considered a fundamental tip, it is essential. The majority of students divide their curriculum into months and create a timetable for 2-3 months at a time. However, due to the unrealistic goals, they were unable to complete them.

So, when you wake up in the morning, you should take 10-15 minutes to sit in a quiet place and set a daily goal for yourself. It will assist you in finishing them at the end of the day.

Prioritize Topics and Concepts

Prioritizing topics and concepts is a critical component of effective exam preparation strategies. In the main exam, not all theories have the same importance and weightage, and allotting equal time to everyone is not a good idea. As a result, you should concentrate more on important topics with higher weightage and lesson topics that are rarely asked in examinations.

Furthermore, differentiating topics as per the weightage and importance in the previous year’s papers will not only help you to prepare better for your exams but will also provide you with a route to complete the syllabus. So, always prepare for exams based on the weightage of topics in the previous year’s papers.

Work on Weak Areas 

As you all have time before your exams, it is recommendable that you work on the weak topics that you must have left before. After solving the sample papers, you will be able to identify your weak points, write them down, and work on them accordingly.

The weak concept is weak because you did not devote enough time to learning it. So, identifying and improving your weak concepts should be your top priority.

Clear Your Doubts

Doubts arise in everyone’s minds while studying, and it is best to clear them as soon as possible. Not clearing doubts will not make your concepts crystal clear, and you will receive fewer marks.

Furthermore, you must be having doubts while studying that you have marked before, but you were unable to clear them at that time. While revising, go over each page of the book and try to clear up all the old doubts. It is highly possible that the question may arise from your doubts during the examination. And this scenario will get you in trouble. As a result, it is best to clear your doubts before exams.

Focus on NCERT Books

The NCERT books are the official books recommended by CBSE for your exams. Despite the availability of numerous guides and refreshers, NCERT remains a significant resource. The concepts are thoroughly discussed in the NCERT and from the scratch.

The most significant part of NCERT is that maximum papers arise from it. Several questions in the CBSE examinations are directly asked from NCERT, and the remaining questions are based on the concepts discussed in NCERT. So, never forget or give less importance to NCERT books. 

Never Mug Up the Syllabus

It is popular among students to begin memorizing concepts as the dates of their exams approach. Regardless of whether they understand the concepts, formulas, or reactions, they begin to learn them. And simply learning the concepts without comprehending them will never result in good grades.

You might believe that memorizing the topics will get you good grades. However, during exam time, you will forget many concepts that you have previously learned but you will never ever forget the topics which you have understood deeply.

Despite immense exam pressure, you will be able to answer those topics easily that you have understood rather than which you have mugged up. So, it is recommended to understand the concepts rather than mugging them up. 


An effective preparation strategy, combined with hard work, can significantly improve your scores. And the eight above-mentioned top tips will improve not only your exam score but also your conceptual understanding.

To get good grades in your class 8th examination,  and extract the most out of your preparation you need to follow all of them in your preparation period. 

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