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The Physics Curriculum as Prescribed for Class 11 and 12 by the NCERT

The physics curriculum as prescribed for classes 11 and 12 by the NCERT aims to promote process skills, problem-solving abilities, and applications of Physics concepts in day-to-day life.

Besides, the syllabus also attempts to strengthen the concepts developed at earlier stages of education and goes on to provide a firm foundation for further learning in the subject at the university level.

Exposing the learners to different processes used in Physics-related industrial and technological applications under the given syllabus helps mould students to be better physicists.

The curriculum awakens experimental, observational, and manipulative, decision-making along with investigatory skills in the learners and promotes problem-solving abilities and creative thinking amongst the learners.

It also allows the students to develop conceptual competence and makes them not just realise but also appreciate the interface of Physics with other disciplines.

Once students complete their course in physics in their higher secondary education they will be able to understand and comprehend many concepts in the field and even use them in further stages of education or employment.

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The best way to ace any subjects for board exams, let alone physics, is to plan a timetable and schedule a strategy at the beginning of the academic year. Fixing a proper time along with sensible expectations to cover the needed portions promptly is a prerequisite for acing exams.

Time management is of utmost importance and becomes the foremost step towards a proper system of routine. It is essential to note that the timetable that the students plan to set must have sufficient breaks and not include an unreasonable amount of productive time.

This will relieve the students of heavy pressure and exam stress and prevent it not affecting their functioning altogether without ultimately compromising their studies. When a long-term exam plan is set, it has been proven that students find it easier to find time for proper engagements in other interesting activities or hobbies without fully emerging in studies alone which is also unhealthy to a certain extent.

This is an added advantage of strategising a plan beforehand. Once the timetable is fixed, the important step is to make sure to follow it consistently. This is usually where most students falter as it is somewhat difficult to maintain a fixed lifestyle in terms of academics.

NCERT textbooks are often underrated when it comes to board exams. More often than not a thorough study of the NCERT physics textbook alone is enough to get a proper understanding of the concepts which in turn is the first step towards better performance.

In Physics, formulas, and concepts are of the most important and students must make note of important formulas without fail. It is always better to learn the derivations behind these formulas as they might prove effective if the students forget the formulas during the exam. While the students are on the path of studying, it is crucial to solve the questions that are given in between and after each chapter.

Even though the NCERT textbooks might not contain the answers to most of these questions, the solutions can be found on various trusted websites. Many publishers have come up with a variety of guides and books other than the prescribed textbooks. These guides have a comprehensive review and detailed explanation of each concept under the syllabus.

They also have a numerous variety of questions from the same topic which enables the students to be familiar with any types of questions that can be expected in the exam. They contain questions of varying levels from easy to hard and have 2 marks to 5 marks questions. Along with these questions, a whole session will be dedicated to explaining the solutions and detailing important points to be noted while answering them.

Apart from these guides many stalwarts in physics compile questions of their own and publish them as books. Physics students, if they make the effort to go through them and work out those questions, might get an upper hand in scoring excellent marks. Solutions for the unsolved questions from these books can also be found on reliable websites.

H. C Verma’s solutions for class 11 and 12 physics can be of immense help to students looking to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and a higher percentage than average in the exams. The practicals included in the curriculum have great significance in the exam when the final scores are calculated.

Besides that, practicals are framed to include many experiments and activities which the students might find fun and informative at the same time. They give a live illustration of many theories the students are taught and they get to experiment with different scientific phenomenons on their own in the comfort of labs.

Taking practicals seriously and putting in the effort to understand each activity and experiment will give students an advantageous position in further cracking the board exam as they help with imbibing concepts in a much faster and easier way. 

Physics is usually one of the subjects that students get most tensed about but being thorough with the concepts and solving a few question papers are usually all that it takes to crack the paper. A consistent dedication towards learning the subject clubbed with a proper routine often proves to be more than enough.

Also, adequate sleep and a nutritious diet need to be ensured before the exam days. But despite all the efforts to get the best results ultimately, students need to relax before the exams and not stress themselves too much. It is equally important to avoid any last-minute learning or mugging up as it will only get students to tense up and forget what’s already thorough.

Acing a subject like Physics isn’t something exclusively kept apart for brilliant students as projected by many but even an average scorer can easily get a 90 or above percentage in board exams with the right combination of efforts, dedication, and understanding of concepts.

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