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What is ITIL V4 Foundation Training?

ITIL 4 Foundation training and certification course will help you take the first step toward understanding the core ITIL services and ITIL 4 service value system, essential elements, and concepts of ITIL. 

ITIL serves to demonstrate compliance and measure improvement. ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists that are neither organization-specific nor technology-specific but can be put in by an organization to define the strategy and value of delivery and maintain a minimum competency level. It allows how the organization establishes a baseline to plan, implement, execute and measure. 

With our ITIL 4 foundation training course, you can enable a service organization’s competency, capacity, and confidence for action. In a nutshell, ITIL v4 training sessions will help you develop a deep understanding of practices happening for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on arranging IT services with the needs of the business.

How is the ITIL 4 Foundation Different from Other ITIL?

ITIL 4 is value-centric. The focus is on the perceived value delivered by both products (not mentioned in the previous version) and services. ITIL 4 presents the service value system that includes guiding principles (updated from the material added to ITIL 2011 via the ITIL Practitioner material), governance (not covered in the previous version), the service value chain, practices, and continual improvement.

ITIL 4 takes a value-based approach that starts with a demand/value gap and moves through the service value system to deliver value.

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Purpose of ITIL 4 Foundation Training?

The value-based idea that there is a system that includes governance and practices is a radical departure from previous versions of ITIL. This approach aligns and supports Agile, and DevOps in ways earlier versions of ITIL did not approach these alignments. 

ITIL 4 also leaves processes up to the organization. The focus in ITIL 4 is primarily on value supported by practices (think of this as organizational capabilities) in the context of the six activities that make up the service value chain (Plan, Improve, Engage, Design & transition, Obtain/build, Deliver & support) that can be combined in ways that create value streams (think value-stream mapping).

ITIL version 4 is a newer version of the framework, and it has been modified to represent modern age technology and IT companies’ visions. Let’s look at some of the most notable benefits that the ITIL 4 Foundation has to give now that it’s been published.

Manageable Practices 

In ITIL 4, processes from ITIL v3 have been renamed practices. In ITIL v3, Practices are an improved version of Processes. Practices are more realistic and straightforward, which makes them more adaptable. As a result, organizations will take a more strategic approach. 

ITIL 4 significantly improves from the previous process-oriented approach, allowing companies to follow a more versatile environment. These are a group of organizational tools that aid in completing work or achieving a goal.

The following practices are covered in ITIL 4:

  • Management in general (Supplier, Project, Knowledge management, and many more.)
  • Service management (Incident, crisis, change management, and many more.)
  • Technical control (deployment, infrastructure, and many more.)

Adapts to Modern Age Technology and Aligns Itself with Them.

The ITIL 4 approach covers the technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, the Internet of Things, robotics, quantum computing, biotechnology, etc. The complexity of organizations has risen as a result of digitization, and ITIL 4 will be able to assist them in adapting. It has a future-proof solution for the company as it addresses the digital approach.

Concentrate on Organizational and Human practices.

ITIL 4 has seven guiding principles that IT practitioners can use to adapt ITIL guidelines to their own organization’s unique setting. The ITIL 4 guiding principles are recommended for a company because they will assist them in adapting to changing IT service approaches by using ITIL as a foundation.

  • Prioritize Value – It helps to understand how consumers use the services, focuses on the value of employees, and increases initiative and customer experience.
  • Begin where you are now – Work with the tools you have and recycle what you can. Wherever there is a chance to improve, do so.
  • Iteratively progress with feedback – We use the agile approach to determine how the customer rates the final product and how we can add value as a service provider.
  • Collaborate and raise awareness – At any level, transparency is critical. When people work together and create confidence, they achieve better results.
  • Think and work holistically – Adopting an end-to-end strategy under the four dimensions of ITIL

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Income for the Company

The service value system (SVS) is a business strategy that results in a mutually beneficial outcome. All of an organization’s components and activities work together in this framework to allow value development. Since the SVS has interfaces, it provides an environment that helps organizations, clients, and stakeholders build value.

Getting Started with ITIL 4 Foundation Training Program.

Are you ready to start your ITIL 4 journey? 

Whether you are new or already with ITIL, you are at the right place. Simplilearn online learning is a platform for learning various courses, which includes the ITIL 4 Foundation training course as one of them. ITIL 4 is a little different from other ITIL, as you all know from the start of the article. If you have understood ITIL and service management, you are ready to join the ITIL 4 program. 

Candidates who are willing to join can seek a piece of advice from our professional consultants; implementing ITIL 4 is not easy to crack. Attending our seminars can help you avoid mistakes. 

Who uses ITIL? 

Every organization uses ITIL to increase the value of services, such as small, medium, and large companies. ITIL helps an organization to: 

  • Solve company and business issues. 
  • Improve IT services.
  • Introduce new directions to provide business values


ITIL 4 is the new and upgraded version of all ITIL to understand and brush up on an IT-enabled enterprise. Joining an ITIL 4 Foundation training will help you understand the concepts, languages, processes, and best practices utilized in ITIL 4 lifecycle.

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